Pavement Showcase 2006: Pavement Marking

Pavement marking equipment, marking removal, materials, and tools.

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ProStriper 8000

  • Sprays lines from 2-in. to 12-in. wide per gun at 2.5 gpm at speeds up to 10 mph
  • Two guns/two pumps model or the three guns/three pumps configuration
  • 350-lb., pressurized glass bead dispenser system and a skip timer are standard
  • Stainless steel pumping system, 60-gal. paint capacity, 70-degree turning angle

Dispensing Technology Corp.

EZ-Liner Ride-On Striper

  • Capacities from 20 to 75 gal. and more
  • Various chassis available including Toro Workman or Kooiker Raptor chassis
  • Same paint and bead guns as long-line striper units


Setfast Low-VOC Alkyd

  • TM5608 - white; TM5609 - yellow; TM5611 - lead-free yellow
  • Compatible with solvent-based systems
  • Designed for parking lots
  • Available in highway striping version


Airless PowrLiner 8900

  • Speeflo slow stroking pump
  • EZ-Line chassis improves balance and reduces operator fatigue
  • SureTrak front caster system with extra wide tire
  • Stripe 14 mil lines to 8 mph
  • Standard 12-gal. paint tank

Titan Tool Inc.

Contractor 120

  • Truck mounted on 14,500 or 17,500 GVWR chassis
  • 120-gal. minimum paint capacity
  • Cab-over design
  • Airless or air spray available
  • One- or two-man operation

Kelly-Creswell Co.

Stripe Hog Paint Removal

  • Smart Vac vacuum recovery system
  • Apply new markings in under 5 minutes
  • Utilizes 40,000-psi pump at 6 to 12 gpm
  • Tow behind vehicle or skid mounted

Apollo Thermo Handliner

  • One-person transport
  • Thermost controlled burners
  • Automatic re-ignition of radiant die burner in windy work zones
  • Accurate, high-efficiency melting

M-B Companies Inc.


  • Hydraulic truck-mounted airless striping system
  • One-man loading, operation
  • Stripe up to two lines in one or two colors with glass beading
  • Production speeds to 10 mph
  • Video Guidance System and Road Striping Controller available
  • Line widths to 36 in.

Graco Inc.


  • Decorative, multicolor, interconnected preformed thermoplastic
  • For crosswalks, logos, horizontal signage, driveways, parks, sidewalks, and more
  • High-skid resistance and retroreflectivity
  • Apply with propane heat torch

Flint Trading, Inc.

Model 250 Thermo Applicator

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • 250-lb. capacity holding tank
  • Interchangeable quick-change die system; requires no tools
  • Optional mini-melter attachment for small projects

MRL Equipment Co.

Lunay Liner Model HRL-1

  • Heavy duty frame
  • Airspray system
  • Stainless steel available for latex paints
  • Non-bleeder GTB gun with flushable tip

JCL Equipment Co. Inc.


  • Optional vacuum recovery system
  • Up to 40,000 psi
  • Remove highway stripes, coatings, membranes, and epoxies at rates up to 7,000 ft. per hour
  • Self-contained system allows water to be filtered and reused

NLB Corp.

Traffic Paint

  • Fast Dry Waterborne 1952D
  • Regular Dry Waterborne 1952B
  • Standard Alkyd, Low VOC
  • Thermoplastic & Preformed
  • Glass Beads

Franklin Paint Co.

Lazy Liner 2

  • Converts existing walk-behind stripers to ride on self-propelled
  • Increase production
  • Electric start, 1- or 2-foot operation

Fine Line Industries

11-0765 Distance Measuring Wheel

  • 3 ft. up to 9,999 ft., 11 in.
  • Curved handle, optional stand
  • Push-button reset, 1.9 lbs.

Redington Counters Inc.


  • Truck-mounted unit sprays thermoplastic material for stencil marking
  • 1,000-lb. capacity melting/holding kettle
  • 14-ft. hydraulic extension spray arm
  • Great for turn arrows, railroad crossings, stop bars, other road legend markings


Desco Descobrader and FX1000

  • For striping or line removal
  • Dust-free capabilities, one-person use
  • High-production, variety of abrasive heads

Desco Mfg. Co. Inc.

LineLazer IV 3900

  • Delivers up to 1.25 gpm
  • One- or two-gun configuration
  • 300-ft. max hose length
  • 212 lbs., 3300 psi max working pressure

Graco Inc.


  • 3-ft. + strips of tactile cue materials
  • Install along both sides of crosswalk to guide visually impaired
  • Stair treads, safety cues for fire exits, etc.
  • White or yellow

Vanguard ADA Systems of America Inc.

Traffic Paint

  • All federal and state specs available
  • Tough and durable, bright colors
  • Waterborne, waterbased, and all zone marking available

Allstates Coatings Co.


  • Acrylic traffic marking paint
  • Durability rivals hot-melt thermo
  • Dries in under 6 min.

Maintenance, Inc.


  • Hot-applied surfacing product available in a wide range of colors
  • Durable and hard wearing surface
  • Use to delineate sections in parking lots, roadways, and parks

Chameleon Ways

T-2000 Airless Striper

  • Adjustable speed from 100-400 fpm
  • 5-gal. or 10-gal., enclosed spray box
  • Pressure-feed air spray gun, 12-ft. hose

Trusco Mfg. Co.

Speeflo PowrLiner 9900

  • Up to 2.35 gpm, hydraulic pump drive
  • Double gun for lines up to 24 in. wide
  • 300-ft. max hose length

Titan Tool Inc.

Rhomar's Stripe-Off

  • Eliminates paint overspray and buildup on striping equipment
  • Safe on metal, glass, plastic, and concrete
  • Clings to vertical and oblong surfaces


TKO 2513 Scarifier

  • Hydraulic cutter wheel and track drive
  • Dual rotation grinding up/down cut
  • Floating cutter box on spring suspension for constant surface contact

Outline Products

588 Air Spray Walk-Behind Striper

  • Single- or dual-gun configurations with hand spray capability
  • 8.8-gal. paint tank fits most 5-gal. pails
  • Available with self-propelled option

EZ-Liner Industries

LNX8 Power Eraser

  • Tri-cut rotary eradicator
  • Rolling removal bevel-edge action
  • Erase traffic lines, thermoplastics, oil, grease, high spots on concrete and asphalt
  • Push or pull the unit, or attach to a hydraulic rider or skid-steer

Smith Mfg.

PowerPro Airless Striper

  • Stable, straight tracking
  • Hydraulically driven paint pump
  • No pulsation, slow stroking

Kelly Creswell Company


  • Slide-protecting top coat provides skid resistance
  • Apply by spray, roll, squeegee
  • 5 standard plus custom colors

Carbonyte Systems Inc.

Pavement Marking Materials

  • Traffic paints
  • Thermoplastics & FlameTape
  • Facilities in VA, GA, FL, MO, TX, CA

Ennis Paint

TMS-5 Self-propelled Striper

  • Programmable skip mechanism
  • 10-gal. paint tank, pressure up to 120 psi
  • Single line from 2-in. to 12-in. wide or two 6-in. parallel lines simultaneously


Dickson Turbo Blast

  • High production, airless abrasive blast cleaning equipment for surface preparation
  • Produces dust free work environment
  • Fully automated abrasive recovery
  • Models from 80- to 250-hp

Dickson Industries Inc.

Roadabrator 30

  • 50-hp, hydraulic-driven blast wheel with 30-in. blast head
  • Remove concrete to a depth of 1/4 in. at a rate of over 13,000 sq. ft. per hour


Backseat Driver

  • Carrier for Linedrivers/Lazyliners
  • Removable trays carry equipment, cones, stencils, warning lights, and sunshades
  • Aluminum frame attaches to pusher

Ware-Ever Pavement Maintenance Co.

1500D Thermo Applicator

  • Midsize, ride-on thermoplastic applicator
  • Kettle holds 100 gal., easy speed control
  • Single/double line application using screed extrude, ribbon extrude, or profile extrude dies

Advanced Striping Equipment Inc.

Little Hug Airless Striper

  • Hydraulic operated paint pump
  • Adjustable handles for height
  • Lockable swivel front caster

The Hug Manufacturing Corp.

TLR-7 Traffic Line Remover

  • 7-in. grinding width, 24-in. working width when unit moved from side to side
  • Feathered-edge pattern weathers quickly and blends with the undisturbed surface
  • Forward or reverse operation

Equipment Development Co. Inc. (EDCO)

SASE VonArx VA-25S

  • Adjustable working width up to 10 in.
  • Infinitely adjustable depth control
  • Vacuum port for optional dust control
  • Gas, electric or propane power

SASE Co. Inc.

Quik-Mark Inverted Marking Paints

  • Spray-Thru cap, non-clogging spray tip
  • High-solids formulations
  • Bright, highly-visible markings

Krylon Industrial

ADA Detectable Warnings

  • Federal ADAAG and Title 24 compliant
  • Cast-in-place or surface applied versions
  • Standard and geometric shapes
  • More than 5,000 color choices

Naviplate Inc.

7000 "Pervo+"

  • Waterborne, VOC compliant for highway, curb, and parking lots
  • Color fast, two-year no fade formulation

Pervo Paint Co.

PaintTrans Pavement Graphics

  • Reproduce any graphic or picture and apply on asphalt or concrete
  • Created with paint, not vinyl, for endurance in heavy weather/traffic
  • Great for ad space at grocery stores, shopping malls, and sports venues

Magic Colors

Pro200 Measuring Wheel

  • 12.5 diameter
  • Handle-mounted mechanical counter with "hold" button
  • Distance displays in hand-grip - an industry 1st

Meter-Man Inc.

Amguard Traffic Paints

  • For asphalt and concrete
  • Water-based can be reduced with water to desired viscosity
  • White, yellow and blue

Bonsal American

Stock and Custom Stencils

  • Meets D.O.T. specs nationwide
  • 100% virgin polymers with thicknesses of 1/8-in. and 1/16-in. thicknesses
  • Paint easily peels from polymer when dry

American Sten-cyl

Hydraulic Skid Mounted Striper

  • Fits standard full size pickup truck
  • Alkyd or waterborne compatible
  • Striping speeds from 5 to 12 mph in two gun operation
  • Uses 55-gal. drums not tanks

Marathon Equipment, Inc.


  • Crosswalks, bus and priority transit ways, bikeway delineation
  • Pre-cut thermoplastic grid, heat-set into StreetPrint imprinted asphalt
  • End result flush with asphalt
  • Snowplow-proof
  • ADA compliant
  • Skid resistant, night-reflective

Integrated Paving Concepts Inc.

Shot Blaster

  • Ride-on unit for line stripe removal
  • 16-in. blast cleaning path, travel speed to 200 ft./min.

USF Surface Preparation, Blastrac

Pre-marked Layout Tape

  • 300-ft. fiberglass tape
  • Locate both snapping point for the chalk line and the trigger point to start or stop your line in one step
  • Five pre-marked layouts include 8-ft. 6-in., 9-ft., 10-ft. straight in parking and 60° parking of 9-ft. and 10-ft.

Pavement Tool Mfrs. Inc.

Roadway Supply Traffic Paint

  • Full range of colors
  • All paints meet federal specs
  • Free delivery nationwide

Roadway Supply Inc.

Chain Gang

  • For radius parking
  • One-person operation
  • Works best with two Big Foot

Big Foot Layout Tools

Dura-Stripe Highway Marking

  • Methyl Methacrylate-based markings applied by hand or machine
  • Nearly 100% solids; complies with federal VOC regulations
  • Lasts up to 10 years