Product Spotlight: Marking Removal Pavement October 2009

Pavement marking removal equipment.

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LNX8 Power Eraser


Smith LNX8 Power Eraser

  • For heavy-duty ease of erasing performance without grooves,
  • the Smith LNX8 tri-cut rotary eradicator offers a rolling removal bevel-edge action, which assures no sharp-edge grooving when erasing traffic lines, thermoplastics, oil, grease, & high spots on concrete and asphalt surfaces. Now you can push or pull the unit or attach to a hydraulic rider or even a skid-steer loader.


Smith Manufacturing Company

Remove-It drum


Remove-It Drum

  • Pavement marking removal
  • Pavement milling and rehab
  • Concrete milling and rehab
  • Scarifier
  • Can be made for any kind of skid steer cold planer
  • Ranjo's Inc.


Ranjo's Inc.

Stripe Hog


Stripe Hog System from

  • Designed to remove all types of highway markings, as well as runway rubber
  • Comes standard with Smart Vac vacuum recovery system
  • New markings can be applied in under five minutes
  • Utilizes 40,000-psi pump at 6 to 12 gpm
  • Tows behind vehicle or is skid mounted on truck


Waterblasting Technologies Inc.



NLB StripeJet

  • NLB Corp.'s StripeJet removes pavement markings without damage to asphalt or concrete.
  • Rotating water jets mounted to compact vehicle with tight turning radius
  • Vacuum recovery retains water and debris
  • Five cleaning head options
  • Hydraulic nozzle rotation and positioning
  • 40,000 psi pump
  • NLB Corp.


NLB Corporation

TKO-2513 Scarifier/Planer Attachment


  • Used in combination with a skid steer
  • Heavy-duty bi-directional hydraulic motor for up cut or down cut
  • For fast surface preparation, heavy removal of asphalt, thermoplastic lines, paints, coatings, concrete, and more
  • Quad-spring suspension for constant ground contact
  • Precision depth control


Kut-Rite Manufacturing

TLR-7 Traffic Line Remover


TLR-7 Traffic Line Remover

  • Removes paints, thermoplstic, and epoxy
  • 7-in. grinding width and 24-in. working width when unit is moved from side to side
  • Feathered-edge pattern that weathers quickly and blends with the undisturbed road surface
  • Forward or reverse operation
  • Equipment Development Co. Inc. (EDCO)


EDCO Equipment Development Co.