ADA Update for Stripers

Access Board recommends more van-accessible spaces among other changes.

Recommended changes in the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines will present some changes for parking lot stripers once the guidelines are adopted by the Department of Justice.

Dave Yanchulis, accessibility specialist with the Access Board, said the most-substantial change affecting parking lot stripers concerns van-accessible spaces. While the total number of accessible parking spaces per parking lot doesn't change, more van-accessible spaces are required. Under the new guidelines one of six accessible spaces must be van accessible (Section 208.2.4), an increase over the original guidelines which required one van-accessible space for every eight accessible spaces.

In addition, for angled van-accessible spaces, the access aisle must be on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Other changes include:

  • Calculate the number of accessible spaces required based on each parking lot. "You don't aggregate the total lots," Yanchulis said. "For example, if you have three parking lots at the facility of 100 spaces each you apply the table to them for each lot of 100 spaces, not for one lot of 300 spaces."
  • Access aisles that join accessible spaces must be marked. The type of marking was not designated because the guidelines don't want to conflict with local regulations, but typically these areas must be striped or cross-hatched.
  • Accessible spaces must be designated with a sign in front visible when the space is occupied. The bottom of the sign must be at least 60 inches from the ground.
  • In passenger and loading zones, properties are required to have at least one accessible area for every 100 linear feet of loading zone space.
  • While there is no change in the ratio of accessible spaces to parking spaces, Section 208.1 exempts parking areas that are not available for public use or employee use.

For more information visit Public comment on the Access Board's recommendations ends this month. The Justice Dept. is expected to adopt the recommendations sometime this year.