10 Tips You Learned at Pavement LIVE

Contractors expanded their knowledge at Pavement LIVE

Whether you are a veteran or newbie in the pavement maintenance industry, the seminars at Pavement LIVE were filled with several new tips as well as a few refreshers to help contractors find success with their business.

  1. Whether you are a paving or a sealcoating contractor, you can achieve efficiency and profitability from recording and monitoring each project through the use of either Microsoft Office Excel or another computer program.
  2. Contractors that maintain accuracy in measuring, whether in parking lot layouts for striping or in square footage for sealcoating, will find greater success when completing projects.
  3. When posting a new position, one way to narrow the competition is to have a pre-recorded phone message with specific directions about the application. The applicants unable to follow those directions can be immediately disregarded. 
  4. There are currently 22 Warm Mix Asphalt technologies marketed and available in the U.S.
  5. When completing paving jobs contractors should request asphalt in tons rather than truck loads to obtain the most accurate amount for each project. 
  6. Single crushed face and multiple crushed faces aggregates are better aggregate choices compared to round aggregate.
  7. Hold a "tailgate meeting" with the whole crew prior to beginning the day's work. This is a great opportunity to discuss safety concerns and meet new crew members.
  8. Don't just stripe the parking lot, but instead look for opportunities to install traffic signs such as stop signs, no parking signs, and one way signs.
  9. Compile a list of on-site questions, such as the days and times you can work on a job, and ask them before completing the project. These questions will help avoid minor setbacks or issues that could arise during the project. 
  10. A variety of computer software is available to sweeping contractors, helping them optimize the routes of their crew.