Color-Safe T28 Marks Bus Lanes, Crosswalks and Bike Lanes

Trasnpo Industries Color Safe 10850078

Contractors can explore Transpo Industries Color-Safe (T-28) when marking a variety of surfaces ranging from bus lanes to crosswalks to bike lanes. The durable and skid-resistant material is a low-maintenance choice for safety and color demarcation. It is available in a variety of colors and aggregate sizes, easy application, fast cure time, low life cycle cost and has a strong adhesion to concrete and asphalt surfaces. 

When applying T-28, contractors must be sure to thoroughly clean the surface of all dirt because contaminates may prevent proper adhesion of the material. It comes in three components consisting of T-28 pigmented resin, catalyst and aggregate that are mixed thoroughly.  It is mixed, placed and finished in a single application. T-28 Color-Safe can be used on areas including bicycle paths, school zones, bus lanes and stops, intersections, walking paths, toll lanes, speed zones, turns and curves, and hazardous road areas.