Striping-only Sales Jump 51%

As in categories other than Sweeping, the 2014 Striping list grew to 75 firms from 50 companies in 2013. Total striping-only sales for the 2014 Striping 75 was $97,281,320. That’s up from $64,382,565 last year, meaning that the additional 25 contractors added to this year’s list jumped total sales by 51%.

Much like the Sealcoating 75, where contractors generated between 5% and 85% of sales from sealcoating (none of the Sealcoating 75 generated all their sales from sealcoating) members of the Striping 75 generated between 1% and 100% of sales from Striping, with only four contractors generating 100% of sales from striping services. Another dozen companies generated 50% or more of sales from striping work (meaning 59 companies generated less than 50% of sales from striping). That indicates that striping service can be either a major focus of a successful business or a support a service that generates additional revenue from a company’s primary focus.

And just like the contractors who qualified for the Sealcoating 75, the Striping 75 contractors offer a variety of pavement maintenance services in addition to striping:

  • 63 offer Sealcoating
  • 51 offer Paving
  • 50 offer Pavement Repair
  • 20 offer Sweeping

Where Stripers Work

While it might be expected that the Striping 75 is weighted to off-road pavements, that’s not the case. While 74 of the 75 contractors report they do work on parking lots (and 38 unexpectedly report they stripe on driveways), 23 of the contractors do work on highways and 54 contractors perform striping work on roads or streets. That’s clearly reflected in the Customer Mix:

  • 73 contractors work for commercial/industrial customers
  • 57 contractors work for state/local agencies
  • 57 contractors work for multi-family properties
  • 29 contractors work on single-family residential