Pavement LIVE Demonstrations Creating Buzz

8 exhibitors commit to demonstrate equipment at Pavement LIVE 2011

The "live" equipment demonstration aspect of the new Pavement LIVE conference and trade show is generating even more excitement than we'd hoped. As of today 8 exhibitors have committed to demonstrating their equipment at the event -- which will be held Nov. 30-Dec. 3 in San Diego -- and several more companies are still considering taking advantage of the opportunity.

Exhibitors demonstrating so far are Rayner Equipment Systems (sealcoating), Crafco Inc. (cracksealing or PolyPatch repairs), Carlson Paving Products (CP90 commercial paver), Ray-Tech Infrared Corp. (infrared pavement repair), Titan (line striping), Kasi Infrared Corp. (infrared pavement repair), Cimline Inc. (cracksealing or sealcoating), and KM International (infrared pavement repair).

Their participation assures not only two full afternoons of outdoor demonstrations (Dec. 2 & 3) but also assures Pavement LIVE will offer demonstrations of the full gamut of pavement maintenance (excluding sweeping and there's still a chance that might happen).

So if you haven't taken a look at the Pavement LIVE event spend a few minutes on the site to check out the program -- and keep your eyes peeled for a special limited-time BIG discount offering to our friends on Facebook ( you've got to "like" us first!