Stripe Hog SH8000

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The Stripe Hog SH8000 works great on removing of thermoplastic, cold plastic, two component, epoxy, tape and waterborne paint. Removes thermoplastic at 1,981 linear meters per hour.

  • This line includes the SH8000, SH8000R and SH8000RT, with the difference between the models to be that the (R) has on-board water recycling and the (T) includes the HT2500 Hog Rider tractor
  • These models remove highway markings, runway markings and runway rubber deposits on grooved runways with remarkable efficiency and the least amount of negative impact
  • Simultaneous removal of parallel markings with the double blasting heads in the side-by-side configuration
  • Rapid removal of single, continuous lines with the double blasting heads in the tandem configuration
  • If required, new markings can be applied within 20 minutes of the removal.

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