SIDE WINDER Tape Remover

The SIDE WINDER has transformed a difficult, messy manual task of tape removal into an easy and efficient process.

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With industry focus on safety, ease of use and efficiency, the SIDE WINDER™ Tape Remover reduces traffic disruptions and requires less people on the street vs. manual tape removal methods.

  • The SIDE WINDER™ requires less labor to remove tape vs. manually removing tape which reduces workers fatigue, increases productivity and can lead to fewer job related injuries due to tape removal
  • Patented EZ FLIP™ Swivel Arm pivots from side to side in seconds which requires fewer steps from tape removal to disposal
  • Removal process creates neatly wrapped tape rolls vs. piles of tape. Up to 440 linear feet of 6-in. tape, OR 650 linear feet of 4-in., can be wound on a core.
  • Tape waste rolls save space on support vehicles.
  • Easy onsite loading of tape waste rolls make disposal efficient.
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