Safety is a Top Priority

Project safety was a high priority at all times during this national park project.

Project safety was a high priority at all times during this project. "Safety was a concern for everyone due to the tight working conditions, the amount of equipment on site, the high ambient temperatures, the amount of people effected each day by the equipment and traffic control," says Eric Reimschiissel. "The campground parking lots were full due the busy tourist season in the parks. Coordination between everyone to move the park visitors and provide access was imperative to complete the work safely. The combined effort of everyone was needed to insure the tourist still had a good experience during their park visit."

The crew conducted weekly and daily safety meetings to discuss safety the issues including specific project situations and park visitor concerns so work on the project progressed safely for all. The crew also had to be aware of their physical condition while working due to the high ambient temperatures.

During each safety meeting the crew would discuss potential safety hazards, traffic control concerns, truck routing, locations of work issues with tourists and potential hazards that required special attention. Machine entry and exiting from the works zone was aided by a traffic control person. Stockpile sites were kept safe clean and orderly. "Thanks to the extra efforts and continued awareness of everyone, the micro surfacing on the project was completed without any safety issues," says Reimschiissel.