Cold Patch Asphalt Repairs Help Extend Your Season & Pavement Life

Throw-and-go materials can be used by contractors year-round to complete pothole patches.

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No matter where you live, if you had the opportunity to work all year instead of being side-tracked by the cold, you would probably do it.

Because potholes don’t wait for nice weather, a high-performance “cold” patching material allows contractors to complete work no matter what Mother Nature brings. Crafco HP Asphalt Cold Patch is a black, cold applied, single component pavement patching material for repairing potholes, asphalt spalls, cracks and other pavement voids and distresses over 1 ½ inches (38 mm) wide.

It can be used to repair roads, driveways and walkways. Available in buckets, bags and bulk, these high-tech patching materials are formulated for a wide range of temperatures and climates and normally do not require mixing, tacking or heating before application. They are bought ready to use and don’t require any special equipment. This is why the materials are commonly referred to as “throw and go.”

It is recommended that the repair area be swept clean of all debris and blown out before application. Cold patch should be applied to a height of ½ inch (13 mm) above the area surrounding the hole to be repaired. Do not apply less than 1 inch (25 mm) of material. Deep areas can be filled by adding material after compaction to build thickness, using 1-2 inch (25-50 mm) material lifts.

Contractors can place the materials in potholes filled with water and let traffic into the area immediately to complete compaction. However, high-speed traffic may pull material out of the repair area, so a hand tamp or compactor can be used to ensure a better repair. Initial surface tack can be reduced with a light sprinkle application of Portland Cement or calcium carbonate over the compacted surface. 

Crafco HP (high performance) Asphalt Cold Patch is easy to use and provides a patching solution that can provide a service life that's 2-7 times longer than AC hot- or cold-mix.