SC300 Seal Coater

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Layton SC300 Seal Coater

  • Long-time paver manufacturer Layton Mfg. Co. has expanded its product line to include a 300-gallon ride-on sealcoat machine. First displayed at the National Pavement Expo West this past November, the machine generated much interest among attendees according to Layton president John Layton. The tank features a front-mounted drive motor and a low-mounted agitator rotor. The contours of the tank bottom conform to the agitator for better mixing. The SC300's three-wheel design provides direct drive to the rear wheels and allows for a "free" front wheel. With a 50-gallon stainless steel water tank and a 24-hp Honda V-twin engine, the Layton SC300 Seal Coater should prove a viable alternative for sealcoating contractors in the market for new equipment.
  • 300-gallon ride-on sealcoat machine
  • Front-mounted drive motor
  • Low-mounted agitator rotor
  • Contours of tank bottom conform to agitator
  • Three-wheel design for direct drive to rear wheels; allows for a "free" front wheel
  • 50-gal. stainless steel water tank
  • 24-hp Honda V-twin engine
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