10 Tips to Follow When Working with National Service Providers

Contractors should gain knowledge about NSPs to achieve success when working with them.

With the current trend to use National Service Providers available, contractors should gain knowledge about NSPs. Richard Arlington, president of Arlington Lawn Care and Rich Arlington & Associates, provided contractors with tips to to learn about the ways of NSPs at WorldSweeper.com's tele-seminar. By following these easy tips, contractors will have greater potential at achieving success.

  • Understand reporting requirements. Gain a complete understanding of the reporting requirements prior to taking on the work.
  • Understand liability and risk. Be aware of the particulars around liability should your client get fined. If they are fined for something outside the scope of work know the full details because the fine could come back to you.
  • Talk with vendor management team. This internal team of the aggregator runs the compliance department that makes sure you receive your check. If you have issues with payment, paperwork or sight level problems, speak with them to make sure you're on the same page.
  • Request references of the company. Ask for two contractor references who currently work with the NSP and two contractors that no longer work for the NSP.
  • Research the company. Look for information about the company on the Internet by searching blogs and chat rooms. This search could reveal the potential lawsuits the company is involved in.
  • Meet with the on-site team from the aggregator. Discuss specs with the on-site team to understand the sight team's expectations.
  • Discuss the level of expectations with client. Be sure to understand what the client expects because it may be different than what the aggregator is presenting to you.
  • Do not sign a contract just to get work. If the pricing is too low, don't sign the contract because you will lose money on running your equipment.
  • Negotiate everything. It is important to negotiate everything you are uncomfortable with -including pricing. There is always room to negotiate; you may not get to where you want to be, but remember you don't have to settle for what they are offering.
  • Do not accept verbal contracts. Make sure everything is in writing or have an e-mail trail. Anything stated verbally can be denied at a later time.
  • For complete coverage of the WorldSweeper.com seminar click here- or you can listen to the session at WorldSweeper.com.