Dear Property Owner...

North American Power Sweeping Association writes a letter to tell property owners why not to cut back on sweeping and maintenance.

With the economic conditions we are facing today, property owners have got to make tough decisions. Where do they find the things to cut to help them stay in the black or not fall too far into the red? Whatever they choose, they should consider the overall costs of their decision. For this reason, we submit the following open letter:

Dear Property Owner,
In the face of this down economy, we completely understand your knee jerk reaction to consider cutting parking lot sweeping out of your expenses for this year. But we really think you should consider the complete implications of your actions. Please recall the initial reasoning behind the decision to keep your parking lots swept. When times were good you were thinking that customers are attracted to neatly kept stores and restaurants. You were thinking about the fact that if you kept your property clean, those who used it would probably respect that and help to keep it that way. You were thinking about how your professional image and your image of success was visualized just by the fact that you kept your property clean. Additionally, you considered your overall costs. You considered the fact that trash, sand, and dirt are abrasive and will work to deteriorate the pavement. You considered the replacement costs and the need to spend a little to avoid spending a lot.

Now as times are tough and you're looking for ways to draw more spending customers, is it really logical to leave your property unkept? Is it really saving you money to eliminate the maintenance of you parking lot? Will your competitor gain an edge just because his parking lot provides an image of professionalism and trust? Will your company attract those customers who understand the work it takes to keep a property clean and will save their trash for the proper receptacle? Will your competitor's bottom line be higher because he saved the expense of repaving or patching his parking lot?

The more cost-effective solution would be to hire a sweeping expert and not a fly-by-night company who doesn't really understand your needs. In this time of frustration, you as a property owner could eliminate the worry of the condition of your parking lots by hiring a NAPSA certified sweeper or at a minimum, a NAPSA member who is educated to the highest industry standards. These contractors can be found using the Contractor Locator at

We thank you for your time and for reconsidering your decision. Our members look forward to working with you in the very near future.

North American Power Sweeping Association

For more information about joining NAPSA visit or contact our office at 269-383-6993.