Programs to Reward Current and New Members

The North American Power Sweeping Association's column.

The North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) is the premier trade association for the parking lot and street sweeping industry. In the past year, NAPSA has improved its value to its membership by launching a new website that drives property owners to members in their specific geographic region. NAPSA has formed a California Committee to closely monitor and update the members regarding key emission decisions and issues as they develop. With these improvements and an increased professionalism offered by Association Management, NAPSA has increased its membership by nearly 38% over the last six months.

In an effort to continue this growth, and to better serve the industry by reaching out to more and more sweeping professionals, NAPSA is running several programs to encourage new members to sign up and start sharing in the rewards of membership. From December 3, 2009 (NPE West) and January 23, 2010 (NPE East) NAPSA will be running programs to encourage and assist new members in joining the association.

For new members: You will be entered in a drawing which includes a chance to win an Ipod Touch. Also included in this drawing are opportunities to win discounts and/or parts credits from manufacturer's such as M-B Companies, Nite-Hawk Sweepers, Schwarze Industries, Victory Sweepers, and Superior Tire and Rubber Corp. The drawing also includes jackets, shirts, hats, and other accessories donated by NAPSA's partners in the industry.

For current members: As a current member you have the opportunity to help NAPSA grow by encouraging your friends in the industry to sign up and share in the benefits offered by NAPSA. Running in conjunction with the new member offer above, NAPSA will provide a $150 membership dues discount to any member who refers and encourages a new member to sign up. In this program, current members can receive discounts up to 100% of their upcoming dues.

Current members also have the opportunity to lock into this year's membership rate and avoid increases by paying your dues three years in advance. This offer also expires on January 23, 2010.

There's never been a more perfect time to join NAPSA. New members have the opportunity to completely recoup their membership fees depending on the prize they may win in the drawing. Current members have the opportunity to eliminate their 2010 dues just be helping a friend to promote their professionalism by joining NAPSA, which is committed to industry excellence and education.

For more information about joining NAPSA visit or contact our office at 269-383-6993.