A Message from President Jim Larko

NAPSA reviews Pavement LIVE 2011 and previews National Pavement Expo 2012

We had a great week in San Diego at Pavement Live. The California weather was beautiful which enabled us to do some sightseeing! We spent lots of time visiting with sweepers from across the country. I would like to thank all the presenters for their time, knowledge, and willingness to share with others. NAPSA members received valuable industry specific information from the following sessions:

  • Giselle Chapman, Chapman Business Solutions – Taking Your Presentation Skills to the Next Level
  • Kevin Kroeger, DSS Sweeping Service – Rely on “Systems” to Improve Sweeping Profit & Operations
  • Beth White, California Resource Board - Truck and Bus Regulation

A big thank you goes to Allan Heydorn for coordinating the show and live demonstrations. Let’s also not forget the vendors who were on the show floor with their great products and industry knowledge.

The Sweeper Roundtable was attended by more than forty people and had discussion topics including on onsite fueling/above ground tanks, sweeping waste and disposal, union/non-unions labor agreements, and of course some discussions on third party service providers. The discussions were very interesting and full of great ideas.

If you could not attend Pavement Live or even if you did, I encourage everyone to come to Memphis in February for National Pavement Expo, there is a link for information under Events on the NAPSA website (www.powersweeping.org). Some of the FREE and discounted NAPSA events will include:

  • Kevin Kroeger, DSS Sweeping Service – Rely on “Systems” to Improve Sweeping Profit & Operations
  • “Best Practices” for Contract Sweepers - Gabe Vitale, C & L Sweeper Service Corp, Moderator
    • Best Practices Topics and Facilitators:
      • Grayson Carter, Bill’s Sweeping Service - Leveraging the Power of the Web: Taking the Mystery Out of Social Media
      • Mark Carter, Bill’s Sweeping Service - A Single-Page Report about the Status of Your Company: What Would It Look Like?
      • Ron Lichtenstein, Algonquin Sweeping & Striping Co. - Measuring Driver Productivity
      • Jim Larko, Katsam Enterprises – “Cleaning Up” on Sweeper Sales
      • Ken Lindsey, Commercial Power Sweeping, Inc. – Are You Prepared for an “In-House” Emergency?
      • Debbie Jacketta, Jacketta Sweeping – Tips, Tricks & Traps to Find Time to Work “On” Your Business
      • Giselle Chapman, Chapman Business Solutions – Creating a High-Performance Culture: How to Engage & Energize Your Employees
      • Roger Bostdorf, B2B Sales Boost, LLC – The Game Plan for Building and Sustaining Family Business Success
      • Roger Bostdorf, B2B Sales Boost, LLC – Selling is a Process, NOT an Art: Here’s How to Do It
      • There will be a Sweeper’s Roundtable for all who are interested in sweeping and having an open discussion on subjects that matter to you.

NAPSA will be hosting the second annual Sweeper’s Night Out on Thursday, February 16, 2012 during National Pavement Exp. From 7pm – 9pm sweepers will be treated to an awesome networking event at BB King’s on Beal Street! Friendship, food and fun will be sponsored by the following terrific organizations:


Stewart Amos Sweepers                            Elgin Sweeper Company

Nite-Hawk Sweepers                                  Schwarze Industries Inc.

United Rotary Brush                                   Keystone

Superior Tire and Rubber                          1800Sweeper.com 

All NAPSA members are welcome and encouraged to attend the annual membership meeting which is being held on Thursday, February 16, 2012. This meeting is your chance for discussion with the board and a wonderful opportunity for members to share their concerns or opportunities for the coming year. As your new President, I would like to hear from all of the members and discuss how we can improve our organization and our industry.

I would encourage you to help make NAPSA stronger by participating in leadership on one of the many committees. Your ideas are important and your help is not only needed but welcomed. Our 2012 Board of Directors election was just completed and NAPSA has added some wonderful talent to the Board. Listed below is the incoming Board of Directors:

  • Jim Larko – Katsam Enterprises
  • Ken Lindsey – Commercial Power Sweep, Inc.
  • Carl Barton – Aardvark Sweeping Services
  • Gregg Blair – Superior Tire and Rubber Company
  • Mark Carter – Bill’s Sweeper Service
  • Gabe Vitale – C & L Sweeper Service Corp.
  • Debbie Jacketta – Jacketta Sweeping Service
  • Ron Lichtenstein – Algonquin Sweeping and Striping Company
  • Jim Dodson – Midwest Industrial Service
  • Sylvia Richards - Asphalt Enterprises, Inc.
  • Frank Chulick - Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co.
  • Tracy Day - Nite-Hawk Sweepers
  • Bryan Young – Tymco
  • Robert Faulhaber – Schwarze Industries
  • Frank Chulick – Stewart Amos Sweeper Company

We would like to thank Chris Crews of Schwarze Industries for going through the election process. Due to commitment changes, Chris has stepped down but nominated Robert Faulhaber of Schwarze Industries as his replacement. Robert has graciously agreed and the Board voted to accept his nomination. Thank you to every person agreeing to work toward the betterment of the industry.