Free Website Review & Discounts

If you sell a product, the value of operating a website is obvious. But service providers can also use their website to increase sales, build rapport and enhance customer service.

Think of your website as an online brochure in hyper-mode. A professional website creates a positive impression and allows you to develop and maintain a rapport with your clients while educating them as to why they need your services. Similar to a well-designed brochure, a quality website aids credibility by illustrating pride in your work, attention to detail, and dedication to meeting the needs of your clients.

But, even more beneficial than a printed piece, a website is interactive, allowing you to guide your viewer through your company while aggressively cross-selling your services. Since a website is more easily updated than other types of media, your company can easily highlight services and suggest add-on services to your clients. Analytical tools may also be utilized to gauge traffic and response, helping you to improve results continuously and with little investment.

Show and Tell. It is said you should “Never trust a salesman who tells you he is honest. ” Vanity statements such as “We are the Best” or “We Always Give You the Best Price” are a pitfall of print, radio and TV advertising due to the limited amount of time and space available. Your website offers unlimited space, allowing you to support your statements with factual content and images. Using a website address in your advertising expands the information you can deliver to potential clients in a short period of time.

Add eMail for a Professional Touch. A professional email address further enhances the professional appearance of your company and verifies legitimacy of the message to the recipient. Choose to use website based email, which displays your domain name in your address, and promote your website every time you send a message! Website based email is available at no charge from reputable hosting companies.

Targeted Marketing for Higher ROI. Your website can also give you access to cost-efficient advertising such as search engine listings and online advertising. These ads may be geographically targeted to increase Return on Investment. Through optimization, your online advertising can attract, pre-screen and deliver potential clients to your website, landing them on the page you want them to see first.

Join the NAPSA Online Community. A website increases your visibility in the marketplace. As a NAPSA member, your website allows you to build consumer confidence by displaying the NAPSA logo. Member websites are also listed in the NAPSA directory and accessible by property managers and potential clients.

Whether you have a website that needs a new look, or have been considering a building website give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide a review with recommendations to help you make the most of your online presence! Contact the NAPSA office for more information at (888) 757-0130 or by email at [email protected].



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