The Value of Power Sweeping

Asset management and safety are important reasons to perform power sweeping.

Some property managers feel that power sweeping is a service that is aesthetic driven and for some, that may be the case. Power sweeping does improve the direct impact of the attitude of customers of the property through aesthetics but that is not even close to being the only purpose for this process.

A huge reason to sweep is asset management. Sand, gravel, dirt, oil, trash and many more substances collect readily on the surfaces. Driving across a lot or road with this type of debris acts like an abrasive which deteriorates the pavement exponentially.  This same sand and dirt collected on the bottom of shoes or a cart will accelerate the need for routine floor care on the property as well. These same conditions left untreated can cause trip and fall hazards outside as well as inside of the facility. Maintaining the property with a regular sweeping schedule can greatly reduce the liability exposure of a property. 

Asset management and safety are important reasons to perform power sweeping. Another good reason to perform this service is to enhance the environment. Storm drains catch runoff that contains pollutants and materials that work their way into our local waterways and storm systems. The compilation of potentially hazardous material in our natural resources will have residual effects on our health and the environment. Regular sweeping can break the cycle of pollutants in stormwater runoff. Many organizations and agencies are determining this to be a best practice for everyone involved.

So what is suggested when you are developing a sweeping schedule?  Factors that affect this recommendation include the following:

  • Type of tenant on the property
  • Condition of the existing asphalt
  • Trees population near the area
  • The length of time that the lot is maintained between sweeps
  • How dirty are the gutters between sweeps
  • What is acceptable cleanliness
  • Are there area regulations

Finally, how do you secure power sweeping services? Visit the NAPSA Contractor-Locator at You can search by your service area to find a contractor. Watch for the Certified Sweeping Company designation and find out more about why a company who is certified could give you even greater benefit.

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