New Year a Time for Internet Check

When is the last time you did some ‘homework’ regarding your company's web visibility and status? If you haven't done so in recent months, I strongly suggest that you do a search for your company name and then click on all the links you find. As a test, I did this for a well-established sweeping contractor that is a market leader in their major metro market area. Here's what I found on just the company’s first search page:

• They had a two-star rating (out of 5) comment on Yelp, with the same comment picked up at their Yahoo listing. Neither had been rebutted, which probably means they hadn't 'claimed' their company listing (free to do) at either of those websites;

• They had an A+ rating with BBB, even though they are not a member. (This info might be utilized in the response at Yelp and Yahoo;

• Their information at Manta was general in nature and that listing appeared not to have been claimed (and then personalized.);

• Although they had established a Facebook site it had no photos or posts or email or website contact info;

• Their Foursquare listing had almost no information.

In addition, I found they had no video links posted onto YouTube. Doing so is important because it is widely in the world of search engine optimization that Google — which handles over 68% of all search requests — increases web ranking when companies have videos linked on Google-owned YouTube. The same SEO pros will advise that maintaining a Google+ social media site, in addition to the more popular Facebook, will also boost your Google-derived search results.

Do your business a favor and put some resources into your online presence. We offer many resources in this regard at the World Sweeping Association website. Improving your online presence can be done in-house and is the ‘low hanging fruit’ of getting more business.

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