NAPSA: New Year, New Goals!

Get to know the leadership and the vision for NAPSA for the year ahead.

Photo taken at NPE 2023
Photo taken at NPE 2023

Held in conjunction with the National Pavement Expo, the new 2023 Board of Directors for the North American Power Sweeping Association met and set a direction for the association’s future. This volunteer group assesses the challenges that are faced in our industry and develops goals for solutions to those pain points.

This year’s list of needs included getting qualified and trained operators into driver seats. Finding and training qualified employees is probably the biggest pain point currently. The room of industry rockstars contemplated and strategized for two days on this topic.

NAPSA has a history of bringing education to talented people through the use of our website. For 2023, NAPSA has slated a roll out of a new Certified Sweeping Manager course in Emergency Preparedness, Certified Sweeping Operator Municipality and our Fleet Basics course in Spanish. These courses coupled with some additional focused benefits will fill the agenda and bring much added value to members and the industry.

All of the work being brought is being accomplished by members of NAPSA’s volunteer board. They work hard to bring everyone what they need to be successful, and you should probably know who those hard working volunteers are so let’s introduce the 2023 NAPSA Board of Directors:

Executive Committee:

President: Cole Watts, More Clean of Texas, TX

Vice President:  Dustin Moist, Cantel Sweeping, OR

Past President and Treasurer: Chris Dick, Katsam Enterprises, MO

Secretary: Mark Carter, Peloton Sweeping Service, CA


Bill Smith, Smith Property Service, MA

Scott Duscher, Agua Trucks, AZ

Joe Wise, Asphalt Enterprises, NC

Jim Blackerby, Louisville Pavement Sweep, KY

Becky Chamberlain, EcoSweeping, CO

Philip A. Alia, APR, Sweeping Corporation of America, OH

Logan Brasher, CP Maintenance, TN

Joe Hendrickson, Schwarze Industries, AL

Jeff Old, Visual App, TX

Jake Hoerman, Nite-Hawk Sweepers, WA

Nathan Baker, TYMCO, TX

If you have any questions or want to participate in your industry’s professional association, please contact any of these folks, contact NAPSA Headquarters at [email protected] or visit the NAPSA website at