More Power Sweeping Specific Online Classes Launched

These operator training programs create a great baseline of training for improved professionalism in your drivers.

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Years of blood sweat and tears for dozens of NAPSA members and beta testers have culminated in the release of multiple powerful training tools found at These courses included Certified Sweeping Operator (CSO) programs for Parking Lot and Construction sweeping but NAPSA is pleased to share that our CSO for Municipality has launched as well!  These operator training programs create a great baseline of training for improved professionalism in your drivers. Upon completion of CSO, the owner will give the driver a verbal test and then certify that they have at least 1,000 hours of incident free sweeper driving. NAPSA will then issue the driver a certificate, hat pin and uniform patch recognizing their effort. 

The second training option available at is our Certified Sweeping Manager series. This training track teaches about the Power Sweeping Standard. Managers gain valuable insight to the standard which translates to better management in your operation. In addition to our CSM 101 – The Power Sweeping Standard, we have launched CSM 102 – Emergency Preparedness. Knowing what to do and when to do it will abate a potentially litigious situation and this is the knowledge shared in our CSM 102 course!  Graduates receive a certificate of completion for your insurance recordkeeping.

Lastly, we have a series called Fleet Basics – Key Fundamentals.  The FB – Key Fundamentals course covers general topics for anyone who isn’t behind the wheel of a power sweeper but may need to speak the lingo or other sweeping/vehicle operation information, like portering! It is worth the $20 hands down.

The FB and CSO courses cover important topics such as health issues, safe driving, recordkeeping, customer trash can management, people skills, ethics and more. The CSO courses cover truck specific information such as pre and post trip inspections, parts of a sweeper, lot management, noise and dust, blowers, accident protocol and safe driving….and did we say safe driving?  And more safe driving training!

The education found at SweeperSchool is invaluable. NAPSA members receive deep discounts on the training at SweeperSchool but the training is available to anyone. For more information, contact the North American Power Sweeping Association at [email protected] or 888-757-0130.