First-Ever PAVE/X Featured Sweeping Education + LIVE Equipment Demos

NAPSA partnered with the inaugural event in San Antonio to bring industry-specific content to attendees.

Live demos at PAVE/X were a hit.
Live demos at PAVE/X were a hit.
Brandon Noel

For many years, NAPSA has been looking for a way to bring the sweeping industry together. While we attend many events each year to bring valuable education to our members, there have been few times where we’ve been able to experience the excitement and energy behind what we were doing.

At PAVE/X last month, nearly 1,700 professionals in the paving, pavement maintenance and sweeping industries gathered in San Antonio and found what we were looking for from a national event. Passion, pride and enthusiasm for delivering something people would enjoy. 

NAPSA partnered with PAVE/X in early 2023 to help them craft education that was tailored for the sweeping industry and helped them to execute on the event the way we know our members would enjoy.

“It was an incredible honor to help bring sweeping education back to the forefront of a national event like PAVE/X,” Jessica Lombardo, conference manager said. “We are taking everything we learned from an epic year one and applying it to year two to ensure the event will have even more impact for sweeping professionals.”

After a successful year one, PAVE/X 2025 will head to Chattanooga with even more space, revamped hours and of course outdoor equipment demonstrations.

“We always have had the best interests of the industry at heart, and selected the location of Chattanooga after visiting the city last summer and falling in love with all it has to offer,” Lombardo said. “Attendees and exhibitors can take full advantage of their time as the conference programs are positioned right outside of the tradeshow floor and the outdoor demos will be located in the parking lot of Naked River Brewing and Barbeque - what more could you ask for?”

PAVE/X has planned for accelerated growth in year two, securing nearly double the size of space at the Chattanooga Convention Center. To date, PAVE/X is already booked for next year’s event at 140% percent of the 2024 opening show floor, with exhibitors actively building on this year’s inaugural presence.

NAPSA continues to work with the team at PAVE/X to ensure a better tradeshow floor experience for sweeping professionals and more education tailored to your needs. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions for the event.