Weiler to Manufacture, Sell Challenger Super Broom

The new product expands Weiler's offerings, and is slated to go into production in late 2024.

SMC 400 Super Broom
SMC 400 Super Broom

The popular manufacturer of asphalt pavers and paving equipment Weiler Inc. announced that they have entered into an agreement with Smith Challenger Manufacturing and Services, Inc. to take over as the exclusive manufacturer and seller of the SMC 400 Super Broom, a model of self-propelled sweeper. The team behind Smith Challenger come into the deal with more than sixty years of combined industry experience, and see the SCM 400 as one of the most innovative self-propelled sweepers on the market.

The deal with Weiler will certainly increase their visibility in the pavement maintenance space, as well as their overall footprint in the marketplace when considering that Weiler products are part of the Caterpillar network of dealers. It's a win-win for both companies involved. 

“Our dealers have long been asking for Weiler to manufacture a self-propelled sweeper. Smith Challenger has a reputation for building an innovative and heavy-duty sweeper”, said Pat Weiler, President and CEO. “We are excited to build upon that platform and provide our dealers and customers with a high-performance and durable product to meet their sweeping needs.”

The forthcoming iteration of the broom will begin production in the later portion of 2024, and it will come off the line branded as a Weiler machine. 

“My goal, along with the Smith Challenger Team, was to design and build the best possible user-friendly and durable Front Mount Sweeping Machine. The SCM 400 Super Broom has become just that,” said Keith Smith, Head of Equipment Development. “The time has come to provide the means to make the SCM 400 more available. I am very confident that Weiler will provide the manufacturing, engineering and marketing that is necessary. Thank you to Weiler and customers for their interest and support.”

SMC 400 Super BroomSMC 400 Super BroomWeiler