Paladinsw 10147272

The Sweepster VS utilizes a vacuum dust abatement system that reduces visible dust while sweeping.

  • High-volumen fan pulls air from sweeping chamber
  • Filters dust as small as 10 micron with a PTFE impregnated washable filter
  • Reduces dust without bulky water systems
  • Available for skid steer mounting in 5-, 6- and 7-ft. widths
  • Drape system seals sweeping chamber to the ground
  • Electric shaker cleans filter when sweeping and dumping
  • High dump feature for emptying collected debris from the sweeper hopper at the maximum height of the skid steer
  • 26-in.-diameter quick change brush
  • Front caster follows ground contours independently of the loader
  • "Volumizing" feature maximizes capacity of the collector bucket
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