Elgin Whirlwind1 Vacuum Sweeper

Elgin Sweeper Whirlwind1 Single Engine Sweeper Four
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he Whirlwind1 is ideally suited for uneven, patched roads and jobs involving dirt, sand, millings and road debris while also being recognized as a proven tool for maintenance and restoration of permeable pavement. 

  • The Whirlwind1 is the first vacuum sweeper in North America to feature variable-speed-device (VSD) technology which allows the engine to simultaneously power both the truck and the sweeper
  • The sweeper operator is able to switch between road and work modes with a simple push of a button, without the need to stop and engage the parking brake
  • For sweeper customers, the single-engine technology provides several important benefits, including less maintenance, elimination of belts, fluid coupler and exhaust after-treatments, minimized auxiliary engine vibration and noise, enhanced overall equipment value and decreased cost of ownership
  • The single engine, combined with Elgin’s optional Quiet Pak™ sound-dampening technology, helps minimize vibration and noise on the Whirlwind1, without compromising machine performance



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