Hilltip Rotary Broom Attachments

Hilltip introduces its SweepAway™ rotary brooms for use on pickups, tractors and other equipment.

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Provided by Hilltip Corp.
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For use on pickups, tractors and other equipment. The SweepAway rotary brooms mount on pickups using Hilltip’s Quick Hitch mounting frame. They can also be used on tractors with the company’s STR and VTR mounting frames. Other mounting frames are available for attaching to different vehicles, such as loaders or forklifts.

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  • Available in 59- to 86-inch widths, the attachments feature a 20-inch-diameter brush for high performance in a variety of applications.
  • The mounts allow the brooms to be angled up to 25 degrees for controlling the direction of swept material.
  • Optional Hilltip Power Unit has a KOHLER® engine that provides up to 12 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow to operate the SweepAway rotary brooms.
  • Other options and accessories are available for the SweepAway rotary brooms, including a deflector, a sprinkler kit with a 132-gallon tank, and an electrical oil-flow valve.
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