Crash Course | No Edge Lines Season 1 Episode 2

How many things might go wrong if you let someone inexperienced drive your paver or your roller on the job for a day? Probably a lot! But how else can you really learn if you don't make some mistakes in the process?

Would you let an inexperienced person pave on your job for the day? The editor of Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction magazine (Brandon Noel) heads to Toledo, OH, after owner/operator Jacob Buck (Buck Brothers, LLC) invited him to come out and be an asphalt paver operator for a day. Turns out, Brandon got more than he bargained for when Jacob turns him loose on driving a roller and running the screw. MANY MISTAKES WERE MADE! But just how many? You'll have to watch to find out. 

Featured Music:

"500 Nights Alone"

John King, The Warmer Winds (2013) 


Anya Van Rose, Lucky Stars (2023)

"The Morning Light"

John King, The Warmer Winds (2013)