Talking Fiber In Concrete With Vance Pool of Euclid Chemical

Featuring Vance Pool of Euclid Chemical, this Digging Deeper Podcast episode focuses on fiber reinforcement in concrete – its history and where it sits in today’s construction universe.

Fiber Reinforcement In Concrete With Vance Pool of Euclid Chemical
Presented by the Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association, Euclid Chemical won a first-place IFPY Award for supplying its TUF-STRAND SF synthetic microfiber (pictured) to the Tesla Gigafactory 5 project in Austin, Texas. With the goal of providing a durable, crack-resistant and cost-effective slab for years to come, TUF-STRAND SF was recommended to reinforce the slab and be used in replacement of conventional steel reinforcement. This project incorporated more than 8M ft² of floor and used 200,000 yd³ of fiber concrete.
The Euclid Chemical Company

Flatwork represents about half of the concrete placed. One of the reinforcement options that has been on the rise these recent years has been the micro and macro fiber. Even though fiber has been around for decades, it’s seen an increase in many of today’s construction projects. Jonathan Kozlowski interviews Vance Pool, Manager with the National Business Development Group at Euclid Chemical.

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