[QUOTABLE] Why Using Drone Data in Construction is a Bigger Issue than Flying UAVs

Why a drone manufacturer pivoted to developing commercial drone software focusing on single-layer data collection and analysis

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
James Duncan Davidson

“What's harder (than training construction workers to use drones, or UAVs) is figuring out how to integrate this data naturally into the entire construction process. Originally there was one operator and one access point to the data. Increasingly we're seeing, especially with BIM, that the data needs to flow between the general managers, the clients and other relevant people. But everyone wants a different lens on it — some people might want the annotation layer, other people should not see the annotation layer. Some people want 2-D, some people want 3-D, some people want the overlays and CAD files. The notion of integrating this technology into an increasingly complex, collaborative workflow is the challenge. But the future of construction is increasingly digital, collaborative, mobile and cloud-based.”

Chris Anderson, cofounder and CEO of 3D Robotics

Q&A: 3DR CEO Chris Anderson on the future of drones in construction