How To Simplify Your Search for Used Equipment

There are lots of used machines out there. How do you find the one that’s up to your standards? Consider a “certified” used program.

Caterpillar Used

This blog was updated on 6/6/2023.

Buying a used machine can be a great way to reduce costs, but it can involve a lot of work. Shopping the options, completing inspections, grabbing stick time, negotiating warranties, arranging transportation — all that takes time and energy. One way to streamline the process is by choosing “certified” used equipment instead. But not all certified programs are created equal. Always ask these questions:

What are the eligibility requirements?

Used machines can vary widely in age and hour ranges. Make sure you’re comfortable with any certified program’s standards. Cat® Certified Used machines, for example, are lightly used, low-hour products, and you can view the model year and hour usage on every listing.

Is a documented history available?

Knowing how a machine was operated, serviced and repaired can give you confidence in its performance going forward, so check to see if these records are available. Many Cat Certified Used listings come right from a dealer’s rental fleet, giving you access to an accurate, detailed account of the machine’s life. Trade-ins and lease returns must adhere to similar standards.

How rigorous is the inspection process?

Be sure your used equipment has been thoroughly checked, inside and out. Every Cat Certified Used machine goes through a demanding inspection — up to 140 points — completed by a trained inspector. The process includes a walkaround and a visual check of each component. Technicians then look deeper at the machine’s overall health by operating it, sampling fluids and testing electronics.

Has it been repaired with OEM parts?

Machines are designed to perform their best with specific components. Are you sure your certified product features only genuine OEM parts? On Cat Certified Used machines, any component that’s not clean or in good functioning condition is tuned-up or repaired with Cat parts, guaranteed.

What’s the warranty?

To reduce risk, find a program that includes strong protection. Cat Certified Used machines come with an Equipment Protection Plan (EPP), comprehensive coverage that protects more than 70 different powertrain and hydraulics components. EPP also includes expert repairs completed at your Cat dealer by highly trained technicians using genuine Cat parts.

When you find a certified used program you trust, the savings can be hard to beat. You won’t just pay less up front — often you’ll save on taxes, insurance premiums and interest charges on financed purchases, too. Plus, you may be able to afford newer features and technologies that deliver productivity gains, fuel savings and other benefits.

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This blog was updated on 6/6/2023.