Get Pumped

Leading manufacturers highlight unique features on today’s pump models.

There is no shortage of unique features on today's pump models. Following are what some of the leading manufacturers have to offer.

Godwin Pumps of America

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of its automatic self-priming Dri-Prime pump line, Godwin debuts the newest addition to the HL series - the HL260M Dri-Prime pump.

Capable of flow rates to 4,760 GPM and heads to 500', the 10" x 8" HL260M is a single-stage, automatic priming centrifugal pump with solids handling capability to 2" in diameter.

Built with a cast-iron pump volute, cast-chromium steel impeller and nickel chrome cast-iron wearplates, the HL260M is engineered for tough pumping applications.

The Dri-Prime venturi priming system on the HL260M provides suction lift capability to 28' and continuous uninterrupted operation. In addition, its dry-running, double high-pressure oil bath mechanical seal with abrasion-resistant solid silicon carbide faces enables the pump to run indefinitely without risk of overheating or failure.

The HL260M is offered with several engine options, including the standard 600-hp Caterpillar C-18 Tier III diesel engine. Mounted on a skid, the HL260M is built with an integrated fuel tank to provide hours of continuous operation and spill protection. For easy lifting and transporting, a single-point lifting frame and built-in fork truck pockets are standard on all machines. For applications requiring utility power or lower emissions, the HL260M is available with an electric motor configuration. Noise reducing, sound-attenuated canopies are also available.

A Godwin PrimeGuard Controller provides remote monitoring and programmable operations that start and stop the pump with no operator intervention required.

Gorman-Rupp Co.

Gorman-Rupp announces a new 3" diesel engine-driven pump. The Model PAV3B60C-3TNV70 allows for flows to 450 GPM and heads to 130' TDH while passing 3" solids. The patent-pending "Staggerwing" (staggered winglet) vortex impeller allows for 3" solids to pass through all critical areas of the pump.

This model is powered by a Yanmar water-cooled diesel that is EPA certified to meet Interim Tier IV emission standards.

Griffin Pump & Equipment

Griffin's Model 18 NCRD pumps are capable of delivering flows exceeding 17,000 GPM and providing head capacities of 240' or more. Griffin non-clog pumps are designed for sewer bypasses, flood control, sumping, or any other application requiring high volume and the ability to move trash-laden effluent.

Features include a non-clog impeller that handles materials and solids up to 4.5" and a large clean out/inspection port for easy inspection and removal of large debris over 4.5" without removing suction pipe or hose.

Some non-clog pumps are available in vacuum-assist, diaphragm prime or compressor prime, with electric or diesel-powered engines. Pumps can come with internal fuel tanks for 24-hour operation on most models. Trailer-mounted and sound-attenuated options are available on certain non-clog models.

ITT Corporation - Flygt Products

Flygt Products has recently introduced its latest generation of de-watering pumps. Designated the 2600 Series, the new dewatering pump line features the Plug-In Seal that incorporates two mechanical seals for double protection against liquid penetration. The unit enables faster and simpler replacement and protects seal surfaces during disassembly and mounting.

The Spin-Out feature is unique to Flygt products. This patented design protects the outer seal and extends service life by expelling abrasive particles from the seal.

Other features include a clog-resistant impeller, an optional, specially designed, open high-chrome unit that minimizes clogging when pumping abrasive water containing large soft particles; a single adjustment screw that enables fast and easy impeller adjustment for optimal performance over a sustained period of time; and the Dura-Spin hydraulic system, which, with spiral grooves on the suction cover, in combination with back vanes on the impeller, provides greatly increased durability by preventing abrasive particles from reaching the impeller neck.

Subaru Robin

Subaru Trash Pumps combine a powerful engine, heavy-duty construction and reliable performance to move high volumes of trash water without clogging the pump. The centrifugal-type pumps are available in models with 2", 3" and 4" discharge outlets. A Subaru overhead cam or overhead valve gasoline engine powers each model.

The 2-inch PKX201T model offers delivery volume of 185 GPM and can handle solid debris up to ¾ ". With a 3" discharge outlet, the PKX301T model can withstand debris up to

1 ¼" and offers a delivery volume of 314 GPM.Offering a delivery volume of 528 GPM, the largest 4" PTV405T model can withstand debris up to 1 ¼".

Constructed with high-quality, heavy-duty materials to offer durability for the most demanding jobsites, a durable strainer is standard and protects pump components from large solids.

Thompson Pump

The Thompson Pump 4JSCM Enviroprime is a 4" automatic priming centrifugal pump that provides flows of up to 1,450 GPM and heads up to 130'. The pump handles solids up to 3" and is ideal for sewer bypass pumping applications, emergency flood response, and any other rental applications that require the transfer of liquids that contain solids.

The Enviroprime priming system, unlike most automatic priming systems, prevents product blow-by of pumpage, such as sewage, effluent and waste, from being discharged onto the ground or through hoses that carry the pumpage back to the source, making it environmental friendly. The durable construction and efficient pump ends provide longer life and economical operations but most importantly, lower fuel costs.


The new TrunkPump TP-HYD3 3" transfer/dewatering pump provides the same low-maintenance, one-person operation convenience as other TrunkPump models (PTO-powered units), but is powered by skid steer remote hydraulics.

The unit comes with hydraulic hoses and flush-face couplers, housed in a compact protective roll cage for easy storage, portability and versatility. Moving up to 280 GPM, the rugged TrunkPump can handle a variety of pumping situations on the jobsite.

Gas-powered pumps require a fair amount of upkeep that operators have come to accept as normal. The TrunkPump, however, uses either a tractor or skid steer for power and is ready to run after months sitting idle with little to no maintenance. There are numerous situations where it's beneficial to have a pump on hand that can quickly be attached to an existing piece of equipment and put to immediate use.