A Powerful Alternative

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For decades, mobile generators have proven themselves indispensable at off-grid sites, using conventional fuels such as gasoline and diesel to produce electricity like miniature power plants. The market for these machines continues to grow as they’re used to support special event, construction, security, disaster preparedness, oil field, and rental fleet needs worldwide.

Now, with the help of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), manufacturers like Kohler are developing new mobile generator models that run, not on gas or diesel, but, on an alternative fuel - propane. Why the switch? The reasons are many, and they range from environmental concerns and safety to operating costs and equipment reliability.

Cleaner and greener

Today, more homes, businesses, and roadways are being built to stringent “green” standards, and people everywhere are looking for ways to live and work more sustainably. Propane can play an integral role in these instances.

Propane is a cleaner-burning, lower-carbon fossil fuel than other petroleum-based products. In fact, measured by carbon footprint, propane is one of the greenest energy sources available. Research studies from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have demonstrated that propane produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel and gasoline in a wide range of applications. That’s not just good for the environment - it’s also good for construction crew members and bystanders who can breathe easier thanks to improved air quality on the jobsite.

Just one gallon of spilled gasoline can quickly pollute groundwater above drinking water health advisory levels - a particularly concerning fact when it comes to refueling equipment like mobile generators. Because propane vaporizes at atmospheric pressure, it’s virtually impossible to spill, minimizing the potential for soil contamination.

Reliable and cost-effective

Aside from its environmental benefits, propane can also lower the costs of operating and maintaining mobile generators. For example, Kohler’s new propane-powered mobile generators have the potential to reduce fuel costs by up to 25 percent. And, because propane does not degrade over time, propane-powered equipment is often more reliable, eliminating performance problems related to conventional fuel quality and associated maintenance costs.

Propane incentives

While the many benefits of propane-powered mobile generators speak for themselves, PERC is taking additional steps to make them more affordable through its Propane Heat & Power Incentive Program, a nationwide research initiative designed to encourage the adoption of energy-efficient, propane-powered products.

Select and qualifying participants who purchase and use eligible propane-powered equipment like Kohler’s mobile generators can apply to receive a financial incentive ranging from $1,000 to $8,500 in exchange for reporting their feedback. PERC will then use that feedback to determine future training needs and program development.

Through this program, PERC is able to build relationships with participating manufacturers to form cross-promotional partnerships and opportunities. In the future, PERC’s goals include helping more manufacturers bring other types of propane-powered construction equipment to market. By working together, we can develop clean, efficient, high-quality equipment that offers top performance with less environmental impact. Learn more about mobile generators and other propane-powered equipment, as well rebates and incentives, at buildwithpropane.com