Lighten Up with the Latest Light Towers

Without light towers, the workable day would be significantly shortened, and productivity would be drastically reduced. Following are a selection of some of the latest models to be introduced to the market by today's leading manufacturers.


Light towers are a staple on jobsites and in many rental inventories. Without them, the workable day would be significantly shortened, and productivity would be drastically reduced. Following are a selection of some of the latest models to be introduced to the market by today’s leading manufacturers.

Allmand Nite-Lite PRO II

The Night-Lite PRO II is available in both V-Series (vertical only) and traditional LD-Series “lay down” tower models. Adding to its serviceability features, the plug-in light ballast assemblies are fully accessible with the doors open and can be easily removed for service. The ballasts feature replaceable components that can significantly reduce repair costs when compared to one-piece “potted” ballasts.A four-point outrigger system provides stability in adverse weather conditions. The stabilizer system features two sliding side outriggers with swivel screw jacks, as well as swivel screw jacks on the trailer drawbar and the rear of the enclosure. When the stabilizers are properly deployed, the Night-Lite PRO II can withstand wind gusts up to 65 mph (105 kph). Captive lock pins hold the outriggers in place in the extended or stowed positions and eliminate the possibility of lost or dangling pins.An 1,800-rpm, liquid-cooled Kohler, Kubota or CAT diesel engine powers the units, which also feature a glow plug cold-start aid and an automatic shutdown for low oil pressure and high coolant temperature.

All domestic Night-Lite PRO II models feature Allmand’s durable SHO-HD lighting system, which produces as much as 50% more light than competitive towers. Four 1,250-watt metal halide lamps provide a total of 600,000 lumens of brighter, whiter light that more closely approximates daylight for a safer, more productive work environment. Additionally, an optional Saf-T-Visor set can be added to reflect previously wasted light directly onto the jobsite.

  • Allmand’s gull-wing style doors allow easy access to all major service components in the enclosure, resist impact damage and will not rust.
  • The 30-gal. polyethylene fuel tank eliminates contamination from rust and corrosion commonly associated with metal tanks and provides up to 65 hours of continuous operation.
  • The SLS Sequenced Light System has been added as a standard feature on all Allmand light towers. It provides electronic control for the sequencing of the lights on and off to help reduce capacitor failures and it simplifies light tower operation by allowing the operator to turn the engine on and off without having to turn the lights on and off in proper sequence. It also provides controlled engine shutdown for high coolant temperature and low engine oil pressure. 
  • The Night-Lite PRO II V-Series features the tower power cable encased in Nycoil flexible tubing, which eliminates tangling and stretching while protecting the mast wiring from cuts and abrasions.

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Chicago Pneumatic CPLT M10

Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new light tower to the North American market with the introduction of the CPLT M10 KD4. Offering a high luminosity of up to 30,400 square meters, the new light tower is ideal for construction and mining work, sporting events and emergency applications.Powered by a Kubota EPA Tier 4 engine coupled with a Mecc Alte 6 kW generator, which provides ample power for the tower’s four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps, the CPLT M10 features a mast that can be extended to its maximum height of 31 feet in seconds and rotated 360 degrees for the perfect lighting angle without the hassle of physically moving the light tower. Two outriggers and four leveling jacks allow it to be stable in all conditions, even on uneven work sites. A compact size allows the light tower to be maneuverable with the ability to transport up to 12 units on a flatbed truck.“This is a very strong, dependable, and easy-to-maintain light tower that delivers great performance,” said Jim Siffring, product manager for portable energy at Chicago Pneumatic. “The measures Chicago Pneumatic took in engineering the CPLT M10 KD4 has made it rather foolproof and it has a great resale value due to the light towers long lifespan. Contractors will have a great amount of success on the jobsite with this model.”

  • Renters can go days without the need to refuel with a 30-gallon fuel tank that ensures 60-70 hours of run time, depending on environmental conditions.
  • A translucent polyethylene tank provides an instant view of the fuel level, eliminating the need for a separate gauge.
  • While it is easily installed, the M10 still features great stability with two outriggers and four leveling jacks.
  • The light tower features cold weather starting and completely protects itself from the elements with a lockable, weather-resistant steel canopy.


Doosan L20

The Doosan Portable Power L20 is a light tower and 20-kilowatt mobile generator combined, providing a single solution for two important needs.The L20 features a hydraulically powered vertical mast light tower that extends to a full height of 25 feet 8 inches in less than 30 seconds. Four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps adjust with a locking pin system that provides simple, fluid movement. The light heads can be adjusted horizontally and vertically and each light fixture can be maneuvered independently to provide optimal illumination.The 20 kW generator is powered by an Isuzu 4LE2 direct injected engine, with a single-phase Leroy Somer alternator. This Isuzu engine provides a 14% fuel savings over competitive indirect injected engines in this power class. The L20 provides reliable, quiet operation at just 69 dBA.

Standard configuration on the L20 includes internal lamp storage, electric brakes and durable black textured paint to protect against chips and corrosion on the platform, hydraulic cylinder, curly cord shroud and front enclosure of the unit.

  • Independently adjustable light fixtures provide optimal illumination.
  • Hydraulic mast offers quick, convenient deployment and stowing.
  • 110-percent fluid containment comes standard.
  • 70-gallon diesel fuel tank allows for 57 hours of continuous operation at full load.Withstands wind gusts more than 65 mph with outriggers deployed.

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MMD Lynx-Lite Pro

The MMD Lynx Lite Pro 8 light tower features a durable and efficient Kubota Tier-4 engine with a 72-hour runtime. The four 1,000-watt metal-halide lamps produce lighting for any situation.The lighting fixture is fully adjustable and multi-directional with 360-degree rotation.Units are designed with environmentally friendly 110% fluid containment, so no harmful chemicals are exposed to the environment.

Maintenance is simplified with easy access to external oil and fuel drains.

  • Eight-event programmable timer offers auto start and warm up/cool down features.
  • 36-gal. fuel tank consumes just 0.5 gal/hour; operates for 72 hours.
  • Hydraulic cylinder raises vertical seven-section mast to 28 feet in just 24 seconds.
  • Hour meter features tach, battery condition and maintenance reminders.
  • Powered by a Kubota D-1105 Tier-4 Engine, the Lynx-Lite Pro is also a 8kW generator with 120V GFCI duplex outlet and L6-30 230V twist lock standard.

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Multiquip LT6K

Multiquip is now shipping the latest addition of its lighting solutions product line, the LT6-Series Light Tower.Illumination is provided by four 1,000-watt metal halide lights. The lights are mounted on a 30-foot mast capable of 360-degree rotation. Convenient receptacles are provided for the 6,000-watt generator to power the lights as well as small tools and equipment on site. Models are available in both 60- and 50-Hertz configurations to meet international requirements.“We selected a Kohler, three-cylinder diesel engine for the LT6-Series,” stated Juan Quiros, Multiquip director of product management. “This powerful engine is very fuel efficient and can run up to 66 hours on one tank of fuel, reducing refueling costs. Additionally, the light tower is environmentally friendly and designed to provide total containment of engine fluids. Nothing escapes into the environment.”The LT6-Series features a compact design that facilitates transport of multiple units. Its small footprint allows 12 units on a standard 48-foot flat-bed or 20 units in a 40-foot container.

  • Powered by the Kohler KDW 1003 liquid-cooled diesel engine that meets the EPA Tier IV (Final) requirements.
  • Cabinet and tub design ensure full fluid containment. 
  • Design supports connection to Diffused Lighting Systems - Glare-free lighting requirements that are often written into Department of Transportation specifications; plus, non-caustic diffused lighting options add value for operators and bystanders alike.
  • Overall compact dimensions save on transportation costs and efficiently utilize storage areas. Multiquip’s mobile light tower tight footprint design allows 12 units to fit on standard 48-foot flatbed trailers.
  • Oversized cabinet doors (41” X 20”) permit quick and trouble-free access to the engine/generator, control panel, and electrical conduit assemblies.

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Wacker Vertical Mast Light Towers

Wacker Neuson’s line of vertical mast light towers is designed for fast set-up time and easy operation. These versatile trailer-mounted light towers offer a hydraulically operated five-section mast that extends up to 25 feet in about 10 seconds by the push of a button. This system allows operators to set-up multiple units more efficiently while increasing operator safety. The telescoping mast retracts down, but remains in the vertical position, eliminating the tower overhang off the back of the trailer. This design decreases the total length of the unit, maximizing the number of machines that can fit on a delivery trailer and in rental storage space.The LTN Series provides a narrow body design and is offered in 6-kW models with the choice of Kohler, Caterpillar or Kubota engine and a 8-kW model powered by a Kubota engine. The LTW Series has a wide-body design that is equipped with large fuel tanks for extended run times and is available in 6-kW and 8-kW models powered a Kubota engine, and a single- or three-phase 20-kW model powered by an Isuzu engine. A push-button, hydraulic-actuated vertical mast with light bar rotation, fully extended in 10 seconds, significantly reduces set-up time of multiple units and is easier for less experienced users.

  • Compact five-section, vertical mast design remains in an upright position, decreasing the total length, allowing the rental operator to deliver more machines and reduces storage space.
  • Lockable, impact-resistant enclosure is rust and dent proof.
  • Full-length doors also provide maximum accessibility for easy servicing improving uptime and reduced service time.
  • Range of motion of light fixtures allows the user to aim the lights vertically or horizontally.
  • Large fuel tank capacity enables longer run time.

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Terex AL5 Industrial Heavy Duty Light Towers

The Terex AL5 model line is built to light up the toughest jobsites - from construction and mining to oil field applications. The 30-ft (9.14 m) extended-height floodlight tower provides 4,000 watts of light while the optional 20kW generator provides plenty of extra power to run tools. The 359-degree non-continuous tower rotation permits pinpoint positioning of the light. The AL5 HT features a hydraulic articulating tower with the option for up to 8,000 watts of light.Generator options up to 20 kW allow operators to use the lights and power receptacles at the same time - ideal for powering extra tools. Additional options on the AL5 light tower include 6-light configuration and mechanical automatic air shutdown system.

A weather-resistant cabinet, lockable covers and internal light storage system help safeguard the AL5 light tower against the rigors of the jobsite. Plus, excellent serviceability is provided by large cabinet doors, quick-disconnect lights and ballasts, and engine compartment lights to improve nighttime visibility for service and operation.

  • Even when running on the generator, using LED lights saves 40% on fuel costs.
  • Internal storage for light fixtures provides safekeeping and protection during transport.
  • Options include six-light configuration and mechanical automatic air shutdown system.
  • Galvanized outriggers with pre-set position stops allow quick and proper spacing.
  • ShorePlug connector allows multiple light towers to be connected in-line and operate from a single power source.

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