Lawnaire ZTS Stand-on Aerator

Custom commercial electric spreader attachment for the Lawnaire ZTS stand-on aerator

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RYAN’s Lawnaire ZTS stand-on aerator and custom spreader attachment manufactured by Spyker helps users achieve a new level of productivity when aerating and overseeding. The spreader further boasts:

  • A hopper that holds up to 120 lb. of material, so operators can complete large tasks with fewer refills, getting the job done faster
  • Variable-speed control, mounted within an arm’s reach of the operator platform, for easy control of a spread swath of up to 16 ft.
  • Increased productivity due to its ability to aerate and overseed with one machine
  • The AccuWay adjustment cable to adjust the material flow forward or backward, which allows the operator to maintain a balanced spread pattern, regardless of the chosen material
  • An exclusive mount allows for simple and accurate installation without cutting, drilling or fabrication

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