Essential Outdoor Power Equipment: A Comprehensive Rental Fleet Guide

A look at the different types of equipment rental companies should include in their fleets to better serve their landscape contractor customers.

Leaf blowers can help landscape contractors contend with debris management.
Leaf blowers can help landscape contractors contend with debris management.
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Rental houses that offer outdoor power equipment solutions play an essential role in supporting the needs of landscape contractors. These contractors require a wide range of tools and machinery to complete projects efficiently and effectively and often rely on rental houses to fill gaps in their fleet or provide specialized equipment. Read on to learn what essential outdoor power equipment rental companies should include in their fleet.


Lawn mowers are the cornerstone of any landscape contractor's toolkit. Rental companies should offer a variety of mowers to accommodate different project sizes and terrain types. This includes walk-behind mowers for smaller areas and ride-on mowers for larger properties. Additionally, zero-turn mowers provide enhanced maneuverability for precision cutting and can tackle large swaths of turf with ease.

Consider purchasing several mower options to meet a variety of needs, including stand-on and riding ZTR models in both gas and battery powertrains. Keep in mind that while most homeowners prefer ride-on mowers, landscape contractors are evenly split with about half preferring ride-on mowers and the other half preferring stand-on mowers.

To truly diversify your offerings, include ZTRs with several cutting deck widths as well as versatile equipment that can serve a multitude of needs. For example, some mowing equipment can serve as a Swiss army knife for rental houses by using attachments to support snow removal, leaf cleanup and pre- and postseason turf maintenance. These types of versatile machines ensure rental houses can provide a complete offering to meet any landscape contractor’s needs.

Brush cutters and trimmers

Brush cutters and trimmers are indispensable tools for landscape contractors. These machines help clear overgrown areas, trim edges and maintain tidy landscapes. Offering both handheld trimmers and powerful brush cutters with various cutting attachments will ensure a strong variety of options to meet any landscape contractor’s needs.

Leaf blowers

Leaf blowers are essential for landscape contractors during seasonal cleanup and maintenance tasks. Powerful backpack leaf blowers that offer high airspeed and volume are preferred by professionals. Rental companies should ensure they have an ample supply of these machines in their fleet to assist contractors with leaf and debris management, especially in the spring and fall.

Tillers and cultivators

For landscaping projects involving soil preparation, rental companies should include tillers and cultivators in their portfolio. These machines help contractors break up compacted soil, mix in compost and prepare beds for planting. Offering both front-tine and rear-tine tillers will ensure versatility to address different soil conditions.

Aerators and dethatchers

To maintain healthy lawns, landscape pros often require aerators and dethatchers. Aerators help relieve soil compaction and improve nutrient absorption, while dethatchers remove dead grass and debris. Including these specialized machines in the rental fleet will help contractors maintain lush and vibrant lawns for their clients.

Power sprayers

Power sprayers are essential for landscaping projects that involve applying fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Rental companies should offer both backpack and tow-behind sprayers to cater to different project sizes. It is crucial to emphasize the importance of proper training and safety precautions when renting out power sprayers.

Compact utility loaders

Compact utility loaders (CULs) occupy an important gap between manual hauling methods like wheelbarrows and equipment classes that include skid-steer loaders and compact track loaders. A CUL delivers efficiencies that can help landscape pros reduce overall costs and complete jobs quicker. CULs offer better visibility and maneuverability, intuitive controls, and the ability to mount and dismount the machine with ease, simplifying landscaping and hardscaping tasks.

Attachments take a CUL beyond just hauling from point A to B and can accomplish countless tasks quickly and efficiently, making it a popular choice for landscape contractors. Rental houses should offer several popular attachments, including buckets, augers and trenchers, which are essential to most landscape jobs.

Stump grinders

Removing tree stumps can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Stump grinders are available as stand-alone machines or as attachments for CULs. These valuable machines and attachments efficiently grind stumps below ground level. Providing different stump grinder sizes and power options ensures that rental companies can cater to a wide range of stump removal projects.

Incorporating battery power

As you decide which types of outdoor power equipment to purchase, also consider incorporating battery-powered equipment in your rental fleet for several compelling reasons. First, battery-powered equipment produces zero engine emissions and reduces noise pollution, making it ideal for contractors catering to emissions regulations and projects in residential areas. Plus, battery-powered equipment eliminates the need for fuel mixing, reduces maintenance requirements and eliminates the hassle of dealing with gas and oil storage and transportation. This not only saves time but also reduces operational costs for both the rental company and the contractor.

Furthermore, battery-powered equipment has significantly improved in terms of power and performance, allowing contractors to achieve professional results without compromising on efficiency. The versatility, ease of use and quiet operation of battery-powered tools make them an attractive choice for contractors, who are increasingly recognizing the benefits of this technology. By incorporating battery-powered equipment into a rental fleet, rental companies can cater to the growing demand for zero engine emissions, quieter operation and more efficient outdoor power solutions while offering their customers a wide range of options to suit their specific needs.

By including a wide range of essential tools and machinery, rental companies can provide landscape contractors with the equipment they need to deliver high-quality landscaping services. From mowers and trimmers to versatile CULs, a well-rounded rental fleet ensures that contractors have access to the right tools for every project. By meeting the diverse needs of landscape contractors, rental companies can forge strong partnerships and contribute to the success of their customers' businesses.