Stihl's TSA 230 Battery-Powered Cutquik Cut-Off Saw

The cut-off saw enables indoor cutting in enclosed spaces and other jobsites where users are not permitted to use traditional gasoline-powered cut-off machines.

Stihl Tsa 230 Display
Stihl 1 C 165cvc 10837230

Stihl introduces the battery-powered TSA 230 Cutquik cut-off machine, delivering maneuverability and solid cutting performance in a lightweight, compact package.

  • Zero-exhaust emissions
  • Wet cutting is made easier with onboard water connection and control which suppresses dust
  • Lightweight (8.6 lbs.*) machine
  • Fueled by a low-maintenance, brushless, commercial-grade high torque electric motor, creating little noise
  • Low vibration and the lightweight design help reduce operator fatigue and increase maneuverability, while providing the power needed 
  • Utilizes the 36V lithium-ion battery system
  • Provides operators with up to 15 minutes of quality and high performance with no gradual drop in power
  • Quick re-charge rate, especially with the optional Rapid Charger

*Without battery and abrasive wheel.

 Stihl Tsa 230 ActionSTIHL

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