Pumps September 2008

Pump Products

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32HPU Submersible Pump


The 32HPU with a 46HST handles solids up to 3 in., has a maximum capacity of 1,580 gpm and pumps at heads up to 115 ft.

  • Can run dry without damaging components
  • Automatic start/stop system energizes and de-energizes the hydraulic circuit while automatically adjusting the speed of the hydraulic power unit
  • Automatic throttle control reduces engine wear
  • Heavy-duty cast iron and steel construction


Thompson Pump & Mfg. Co., Inc.

Bravo Series


The Bravo line of heavy-duty slurry pumps is designed for pumping liquids with high concentrations of sand and stones.

  • Wear reduced by using NiHard 4 for all hydraulic components
  • Available in five sizes from 5.4 to 52.3 hp delivering 590 to 2,200 gpm
  • Equipped with an agitator for enhanced efficiency


Grindex Pumps

Centrifugal pumps


Pioneer Pumps offer heavy-duty centrifugal pumps with solids handling capability to 4.5 in.

  • Clear liquid pumps with flow capabilities from 50 to 18,000 gpm and heads to 500+ ft.
  • Ductile iron construction
  • Configurations include diesel-driven, electric-driven, SAE-mounted and frame-mounted options


Pioneer Pump

Centrifugal Pumps


  • Self-priming pumps available in 2-, 3- and 4-in. models
  • 4.5- to 6-hp Robin Subaru EX Series overhead cam engines
  • Delivery rates between 158 356 gpm
  • Cast-iron impeller and volute
  • Cermic carbon mechanical seal


Subaru Robin

CP 0010 Submersible Pump

The 33-lb., 9-in.-diameter CP 0010 submersible pump is suited for applications such as removing water from trenches, ditches, manholes and excavation sites. The 2-in., direct-driven, single-stage centrifugal pump discharges between 125 and 250 gpm and has a lifting head of up to 90 ft. It requires 100 cfm of air for operation. A cast iron housing and double-seal protection shield the motor and bearings from water and mud, while an integral strainer prevents debris from entering the pump. The unit does not require priming and can run continuously without risk of damage.

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.

Electric Submersible Pumps


This complete line of electric submersible pumps is available for flows as low as a few gallons per minute to several hundred gallons per minute, with head conditions from a few feet to several hundred feet.

  • Available with several options and configurations
  • Fully self priming
  • Available from 120-volt single phase or 460-volt three phase
  • Optional automatic start up control box
  • Run dry capability on some models
  • Control panels with float switch capability for automatic start/stop conditions


Griffin Pump & Equipment

HS300 Submersible Pump


The 12-in. Heidra HS300 hydraulic-powered submersible pump is capable of flow rates to 6,000 gpm and heads to 200 ft.

  • Cast iron pump with a cast chromium steel impeller
  • Self-contained with a diesel-driven hydraulic power unit
  • Handles solids up to 3 3/4 in. in diameter and suited for applications with more than 28 ft. of suction lift
  • Integrated steel cage on the pumpend
  • PrimeGuard Controller provides programmable operations including setting maintenance timers

The 12-in. model HS300 cast iron pump with cast chromium steel impeller is capable of flow rates to 6,000 gpm and heads to 200 ft. It provides solids handling up to 3 3/4 in. in diameter, and is suited for applications with more than 28 ft. of suction lift. It includes an integrated steel cage on the pumpend, a double mechanical seal immersed in an isolated oil bath for unlimited dry capability and a standard PrimeGuard Controller. Powered is provided by a diesel-driven hydraulic power unit. An integral 200-gal. fuel tank capacity provides over 24 hours of continuous operation.


Godwin Pumps of America, Inc.

InstaPrime Pumps


  • Move up to 3,500 gpm in model sizes ranging from 6 to 8 in.
  • Deliver heads up to 143 ft. and lifts of up to 30 ft.
  • Handle solids to 3.6 in.
  • Patented screw-type impeller delivers increased flow
  • Powered by 43- and 60-hp Deutz diesel engines
  • 150-gal. fuel tank for extended continuous run times of up to 72 hours


Multiquip Inc.



The Model KZN top-discharge pump is constructed with abrasive-resistant 28% chrome iron components, including the agitator, wear plate and semi-open impeller.

  • Protected by Class H motor insulation, double silicon carbide mechanical seals, heavy-duty lip seal, stainless steel shaft and shaft sleeve and pump volutes cast from hardened ductile iron
  • Top discharge pump
  • Booth # S-10220


BJM Pumps, LLC

LTP 3 Submersible Trash Pump


The 3-in. LTP 3 submersible trash pump can handle stones and other debris up to 2 1/2 in. in diameter.

  • Discharge capacity of 507 gpm
  • Lifting head up to 104 ft.
  • Driven by a hydraulic motor with a range of hydraulic power packs available
  • Can run dry without damaging internal components
  • Weighs 28 lbs.
  • 33-ft. discharge hose offers snap-lock, quick-release couplings


Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC

Model BS-2750


The 11-in.-diameter Model BS-2750 submersible dewatering pump is made entirely of stainless steel and is engineered to handle corrosive liquids with a pH range of 2 to 10.

  • Available in 230/460/575V three-phase versions and rated at 13 hp
  • High-head version develops up to 245 ft. of head to deliver up to 300 gpm, while standard version pumps up to 980 gpm
  • Two independent silicon carbide mechanical seals


Itt Flygt Corporation

MTP 4500FH/MTP 6500FH Trash Pump


The 4- and 6-in. MTP 4500FH and MTP 6500FH enclosed dry prime trash pumps feature sound attenuation for residential areas.

  • Handle up to 3-in. solids
  • 100-gal. fuel tank with over 30-hour run time
  • Auto start/stop controls
  • Flip-hood enclosure for easy access to pump, inlet and daily checks
  • Lockable for on-site security


Magnum Products Inc

PA4A60C-4024T-ESP Centrifugal Pump


  • Priming-assisted centrifugal environmental silent pump with autostart
  • Flows to 920 gpm
  • Heads to 122 ft.
  • Handles 3-in. solids
  • Oversized, oil-lubricated mechanical seal
  • For sewer by-pass applications or sound-sensitive areas


Gorman-Rupp Co., The


MWI PrimeRite

  • For contractors, dewatering firms, sewage-bypass operations, municipalities and industrial operations
  • Automatic dry priming trash-handling pump
  • Can be operated unattended
  • Available with a sound-attenuated enclosure


MWI Corporation

SA DV-150i Portable Pumping Unit


The SA DV-150i portable pumping unit handles solids up to 3 in. at flows up to 2,600 gpm and heads up to 195 ft.

  • Corrosion-resistant, galvanized trailer with dual-wall fuel cell containment
  • Compact footprint for tight construction site locations
  • 72-dB(A) sound attenuation
  • Enhanced suction lift capabilities


Rain For Rent

TDD Series


  • Lombardini diesel engine available with recoil or electric start (optional cold start kit available)
  • Two-ply neoprene diaphragms and check valves with centered nylon reinforcement prevents weak spots, extends wear life and shelf lift
  • Large capacity fuel tank for 100 hours operating time per tank
  • Heavy-duty DOT road trailer with 15-in. 6-ply tires and a 2-in. ball hitch (optional pintle hitch available)


Tsurumi America, Inc.

Top Discharge Dewatering Pumps


These top discharge dewatering pumps are designed to fit in 6.5-, 8-, 12-, 16-, or 18-in. well casings.

  • Capable of handling contaminated fluids at most construction sites
  • Rugged, epoxy-coated, stainless steel-fitted pumps
  • Also available in complete 304/316 stainless-steel construction


Mody Pumps Inc.

Trash Pump Line

This complete line of centrifugal trash pumps includes 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-in. gas- or diesel-powered models.

  • 2-in. PT 2 series pumps up to 210 gpm with solids to 1 in.
  • 3-in. PT3 series gas or diesel models handle up to 400 gpm with solid sizes to 1.5 in.
  • 4-in. PTS 4V pumps 705 gpm with solids up to 2 in. and is powered by a 16-hp Vanguard engine
  • PT 6LT (trailer) and PT 6LS (skid) 6-in. models can pump 1,300 gpm with solids up to 2 in.


Wacker Neuson Corporation

U Pumps


  • Electric submersible trash pumps includes the US40A, US40C, US75A, US40D
  • 2- to 3-in. output
  • 2,900- to 5,700-gph capacity
  • 35- to 60-ft. maximum heads
  • Rugged cast-iron body
  • Horizontal and vertical discharge capabilities


Con X Equipment Canada

WB Series Pumps


The 4.5-hp WB20 and 5.5-hp WB30 are powered by easy to start Honda OHV commercial-grade engines with Oil Alert.

  • WB30 delivers a maximum discharge capacity of 275 gpm and a maximum head of 83 ft.
  • WB20 discharges up to 153 gpm with a maximum head of 94 ft.
  • Heavy-duty full frame protection
  • Rigid-mounted cast iron pump volute
  • Abrasive-resistant silicone-carbide mechanical seal


American Honda Motor Co.