Top 4 Benefits of Spider Lifts

A look at why adding a spider lift to your rental fleet will bring your customers the best aerial access on the market while driving more revenue for your company.

Spider lifts can help with safety, efficiency, versatility and more.
Spider lifts can help with safety, efficiency, versatility and more.
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Spider lifts empower businesses to accomplish aerial work with ease, safety and reliability. Their compact and lightweight design helps them access the most difficult-to-reach jobs, navigate rough terrain, fit into tight spots and stabilize on uneven ground. With simple maintenance, convenient portability and durable design, spider lifts are a beneficial addition to any jobsite.

Thanks to these advantages, there is a growing demand for spider lifts across industries. Adding spider lifts to your rental fleet will help you capitalize on this trend, enabling you to meet your customers' needs with a quality product while driving more revenue for your business.

1. Versatility

Spider lifts are useful for a wide range of jobs, helping in industries such as:

  • Tree care: Arborists can easily and safely get to working heights with a spider lift's stability, height and side reach.
  • Facility maintenance: Including changing a light in a gymnasium and washing windows on a business building, facility maintenance jobs are quick to accomplish with a spider lift. 
  • Stadium upkeep: Spider lifts can help with several tasks around a stadium, such as lighting work or general maintenance. 
  • Painting: With a spider lift, painters can quickly, easily and safely complete projects at height.

2. Efficiency

Spider lifts feature many components to promote efficiency, such as:

  • Compact size
  • Low ground pressure
  • Variable width outriggers (also known as stabilizers) to ensure optimal stability
  • Variable-width rubber tracks
  • ​​Low weight to working height ratio

These aspects will enable your customers to get to any jobsite easily, navigating all kinds of terrain and maneuvering to convenient positions for stable and comfortable aerial work. The compact size of some spider lifts allows them to fit into tight spaces and through standard doorways. 

The lightweight body of a spider lift allows for simplified transportation since most models can be towed behind a pickup truck. When you add our spider lifts to your rental fleet, you give customers durable equipment that will last the test of time, constantly delivering efficiency and stability. 

3. Safety

Another benefit of adding a spider lift to your rental fleet is its variety of safety features to help your customers on their jobsites.

Safety features on spider lifts can include stabilizers in the form of outriggers to ensure that the platform stays stable even on uneven terrain, protecting aerial workers; auto-leveling, which helps users easily set up with no guesswork, even on unlevel ground; and armored components, where spider lifts are protected in critical areas, keeping the equipment safe from falling branches or other debris.

4. Return on investment

With all these convenient benefits, spider lifts are high-value items for your rental company. They can perform many jobs with their capabilities and features, creating value for your customers by:

  • Increasing uptime
  • Lowering equipment costs
  • Simplifying processes
  • Increasing safety
  • Ensuring stability

Because of the many advantages a spider lift brings, your rental company can rent spider lifts at higher rates, bringing you a greater return on your investment.