Grove and National Crane Show a Trio of Utility Offerings at ICUEE 2017

All three machines are outfitted with special attachments to better show their effectiveness in the utilities market

Grove And National Crane To Show Utility Prowess At Icuee 2017 2

Manitowoc Cranes will showcasing a trio of cranes that thrive in utilities applications at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition 2017 (ICUEE). At outdoor booth N2021, the company will highlight the Grove GHC30 telescoping crawler crane and a pair of National Crane boom trucks: the NBT45-1 and 890D. All three machines will be outfitted with special attachments to better show their effectiveness in the utilities market, and two of them — the GHC30 and NBT45-1 — will be shown at ICUEE for the first time.

Grove GHC30 with pole claw and auger

The GHC30 is Manitowoc’s newest addition to its line of Grove telescoping crawler cranes. The 30 USt crane is the smallest member of the GHC range and offers the same 100% pick-and-carry function as the rest of the line. With its full-power, three-section, 83-ft. telescoping boom, operators can easily handle a variety of lifts at various radii without setting up on outriggers. 

The model on display at ICUEE is outfitted with pole claw and auger attachments, which are useful for the utility industry. These attachments are particularly effective when working at electrical substations and surrounding distribution lines, for example. When equipped with the auger and pole claw, the crane is adept at off-loading, lifting and installing the poles needed for these projects.

National Crane NBT45-1 with aerial platform

The National Crane NBT45-1 is also in Manitowoc’s booth. The 45 USt boom truck sports a 142-ft. boom and is suited to the utility sector, where energy work on de-energized power lines and new transmission infrastructure construction often requires the use of both a crane and an aerial lift. The model on show at ICUEE will be equipped with a two-person, 1,200-lb. maximum capacity, quick-attach yoke platform with wireless radio remote control.

Justin Pilgrim, global product director for boom trucks and carrydeck cranes at Manitowoc, said the NBT45-1 will immediately improve fleet utilization for companies and provide greater versatility. “With this crane, customers will gain the benefits of having both a boom truck and an aerial lift in just one package, potentially cutting their need for two or more machines down to one,” he explained. “The NBT45-1 offers the best of both worlds with straightforward setup, clear steps to reconfigure it as an aerial lift, and simpler, smarter operation when in use. Utility-focused customers will find a host of useful functions, including a wireless wind-speed sensor and a hydraulic tool circuit with a pressure intensifier in the aerial work platform.”

National Crane 890D with auger

Also representing the National Crane line at ICUEE is the 890D boom truck, which is being shown equipped with an optional auger attachment on its 90-ft. boom. With its two-speed auger, the 23-USt 890D boasts 14,000 lbs.-ft. of torque and a 39-ft.  maximum digging radius. The boom truck can also be supplied with various flighting options that range up to 48 in.

The unit's capability for both lifting and high-torque digging makes it suitable for a wide range of utility work. For example, the crane can drill holes for pilings, utility poles and light poles, and then install the components once drilling is complete.