JLG Changes Nomenclature for Large Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

The new names make it quick and easy for rental stores and operators to identify the equipment's height and width -- key specs that need to be considered when selecting one model versus another to meet jobsite needs.

The RT4394
The RT4394
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JLG, an Oshkosh Corporation company, has announced that the JLG LRT Series of large rough terrain scissor lifts will change to new model designations to align with the entire JLG scissor lift line. 

From now on, the models, including the 330LRT, 430LRT and 530LRT, will feature "RT" at the front of the model name with the appropriate numerals to reflect maximum platform height and machine width. The scissors will be now called the RT3394, RT4394, and RT5394, respectively, and will offer a refreshed decal design to help identify them. 

Other features of the machines include: 

  • Their specifications, features, and benefits remain the same despite the name change
  • Equipped with oscillating axles, so operators can traverse rough terrain, have better traction, and grade climbing ability. 
  • Models boast a large platform workspace
  • Platform designed to shed debris for smoother extension deployment 
  • Smooth joystick operation for machine repositioning 
  • Full access to the hydraulic and engine compartments
  • Pin-based load-sensing system 

Information provided by JLG and edited by Alexis Brumm.