JLG AE1932 All-Electric Davinci Series Scissor Lift

Optimized electric technology provides single lithium battery power source

Jlg Ae1932
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The AE1932 is the first lift in a new category of all-electric lifts for JLG called the Davinci series. A nod to the famous inventor who reasoned that by fully understanding how each part in a machine worked, it could be modified and combined in different ways to advance technology. Ideal for data centers, hotels, casinos, museums, big box stores and other urban spaces, the AE1932 has minimal environmental impact with zero emissions – resulting in clean, quiet operation.

  • Powered by lithium-ion battery 
  • 19-foot platform height
  • 32-inch wide
  • Platform capacity of 600 lbs both indoors and outdoors,
  • Compliant to A92.20 standards.
  • Travels 2x faster than a standard scissor lift
  • Each wheel is controlled independently for reduced tire wear and limits damage to sensitive flooring.
  • Conducts self-diagnostics and allows systems tests from mobile phones.
  • Comes standard with QuikFold rails and JLG Mobile Control.
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