[VIDEO] JLG Adds New Electric Drive Scissor Lift Models

The JLG ES electric drive scissor lifts and R-series hydraulic drive scissor lifts offer customers multiple options for working at height.

Both lines feature lots of commonality, making owning units from both lines, especially for rental companies, easier to service and order parts.

The ES line includes the ES1330L and the ES1530L. Both units are electric and front wheel drive. JLG also offers the ES1932 and ES1932i.

ES series scissors have only 6 hoses, a significant reduction over hydraulic drive machines, which reduces the chance for leaks and minimizes service calls.

“These four new ES models expand the JLG electric scissor offering on the compact end of the spectrum, where we are seeing an increased demand for smaller, lightweight models,” said Rafael Nunez, senior product manager, scissors and vertical lifts, JLG. “All models are ANSI 92.20 compliant, featuring JLG’s most recent safety features.”

The 19-ft. scissor lifts also feature JLG Quick Fold for the rail system to meet the new ANSI standards. The new control box also has an indoor/outdoor switch to change from indoor to outdoor operation for the 19-ft. units as well.

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