Pneumatic Rotary Hammer

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Csunitecinc 10072599

With CS Unitec's Model 2 2404 0030 Pneumatic Rotary Hammer uses SDS-Plus solid carbide tipped masonry drill bits up to 1 in. and SDS-Plus carbide core drill bits up to 3 in. The motor hammer drills concrete with 3,000 bpm and can be converted to straight rotary drilling with a rpm of 625 for steel or wood. It can drills steel up to 1/2-in. diameter and wood up to 3/4 in. The tool can operate underwater, and with the air exhaust piped away from the tool it eliminates air bubbles underwater. It is also ATEX certified for use in hazardous environments. Other features include a safety clutch to protect against overloading and jamming, a maintenance-free gearhead, operates at 90 psi and uses 21 cpm.

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