Milwaukee MX Fuel Brings Cordless Light Equipment to Multiple Trades

New line of machines -- cut-off saw, breaker, power supply, core drill and more -- match gas-powered performance with interchangeable lithium-ion battery packs

Milwaukee MX Fuel 14-in. Cut-off Saw and Cart
Milwaukee MX Fuel 14-in. Cut-off Saw and Cart
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Milwaukee Tool’s MX Fuel Equipment System recasts the light equipment market by delivering the performance, run-time, and durability demanded by the trades without the hazards associated with emissions, noise, vibration, and the frustrations ofMilwaukee MX Fuel Rocket Tower Light/ChargerMilwaukee MX Fuel Rocket Tower Light/Charger gas maintenance. Each of the cordless electric solutions on the MX Fuel System go beyond the limitations of gasoline and power cords and operate off one universally compatible battery system.

“After spending more than 10,000 hours with users on thousands of jobsites globally, we discovered considerable safety and productivity challenges within some product categories – like gas-powered and AC equipment – due to very limited innovation,” said Andrew Plowman, vice president ofMilwaukee MX Fuel BreakerMilwaukee MX Fuel Breaker product management for Milwaukee Tool. “From gas headaches to design features that were causing stress on users’ bodies over time, it was clear that today’s equipment wasn’t delivering on user needs.”

Milwaukee MX Fuel Handheld Core DrillMilwaukee MX Fuel Handheld Core DrillAfter analyzing the most prevalent pain points, Milwaukee chose six product focuses for the initial launch of MX Fuel. Each of these products represent applications that have historically been challenging experiences for users due to stagnant equipment innovation and are the first battery-powered solutions of their kind.

The new MX Fuel Equipment System will be the platform that provides the technology and capability for Milwaukee to take a giant step into the equipment space.

Milwaukee MX Fuel Carry-On 3600w/1800w Power SupplyMilwaukee MX Fuel Carry-On 3600w/1800w Power SupplyLike the M12 and M18 Systems, MX Fuel will feature three Milwaukee-exclusive innovations – the Powerstate Brushless Motor, Redlink Plus Intelligence, and the MX Fuel Redlithium Battery Pack – to deliver a platform of equipment solutions designed from the ground-up to exceed the demands of the professional trades.

The capabilities of cordless technology have been pushed to new limits, providing new solutions that challenge existing perceptions of what can be powered by cordlessMilwaukee MX Fuel Sewer Drum Machine W/PowertredzMilwaukee MX Fuel Sewer Drum Machine W/Powertredz technology. But while power tools have received considerable benefits from cordless technology, the same cannot be as readily said about light equipment.

Exposure to emissions, vibration, and noise continues to create health concerns for construction-trade professionals. The MX Fuel Equipment System is the output of years of tireless research and investment in new technology, ground-up development of new batteries, motors, and electronics – all simultaneously developed under one roof. Designed to take on the very same gas and AC equipment that the professional trades have depended on for years, this system eliminates the emissions, and reduces the overall noise, vibration, and frustrations of gas maintenance that have been tolerated on jobsites for decades – and additionally eliminates tripping breakers, voltage drops, and trip hazards.

For professional users, safety and productivity are the keys to success. The ability to find solutions that will keep up with the breadth and depth of work they need to do is imperative. The Milwaukee Cordless MX Fuel , M18, and M12 Systems complement each other to provide the right blend of power, performance and run-time for the job at hand.

Milwaukee says the system will continue to grow in light equipment solutions to replace gasoline on-site, and will remain compatible long-term.

MX Fuel Rocket Tower Light/Charger

  • Milwaukee MXF041-1XC
  • Portable 10-ft. light
  • 27,000 lumens, task or area

MX Fuel 14-in. Cut-off Saw

  • MXF314-1XC
  • Cuts 5-in. deep
  • Push-button start completes cuts faster

MX Fuel Breaker

  • MXF368-1XC
  • Powerstate Brushless Motor delivers 50 ft-lb. impact energy
  • Lightest weight in class
  • Break a 40-ft. trench 1-ft wide and 6-in. deep on one charge

MX Fuel Handheld Core Drill

  • MXF301-2CXS
  • Patented clutch and Autostop
  • Power to core 6-in. holes in reinforced concrete
  • Available stand kit

MX Fuel Carry-On 3600w/1800w Power Supply

  • MXF002
  • 3600 peak watts of pure sine inverter energy
  • Power high-demand 15A tools and sensitive electronics
  • efficient power all day

MX Fuel Sewer Drum Machine W/Powertredz

  • MXF501-1CP
  • Powertredz lift assist helps climb stairs
  • Power to clear roots at 200 ft.
  • Fully closed drum contains mess
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