Lind Equipment Launches 5 New Products for the Rental Market, ARA 2024

Lind Electronics launches new products for temporary power distribution and LED light towers. ARA 2024 attendees will be the first to see!

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Industrial lighting and power solution provider, Lind Equipment has a justifiable reason to be excited for the ARA 2024. Marking the show's return to New Orleans, they'll be launching five innovative products targeted specifically to the rental market in two categories: two in temporary power distribution and three LED light towers.

The ARA Show is scheduled for February 19-21. Attendees can find Lind Equipment at booth 2101 and see these in action, watch detailed demonstrations or answer any questions.

Transformer Cart - The Transformer Cart is a portable power transformer and distribution solution ideal for large construction sites. Engineered with the rental industry in mind, it provides quick and convenient access to electrical components while prioritizing safety and portability. 

Power Dolly - The Power Dolly is a portable power distribution solution ideal for diverse industrial settings offering convenient access to electrical components while prioritizing safety and ease of use. Utilizing off-the-shelf components simplifies maintenance and repair processes, ensuring uninterrupted usage. 

Beacon LED Light Tower Extended MastLind Equipment's award-winning Beacon LED Tower now boasts an extended mast option, reaching a towering height of 20 feet. Compact, lightweight, and man-portable, this tower delivers the expected brightness of traditional 4x1000W metal halide light towers in an unexpectedly convenient package.

Beacon LED Tower on a Trailer - For those seeking a tow-behind option, Lind Equipment offers the Beacon LED Tower with a compact, lightweight trailer, combining mobility with exceptional illumination capabilities.

Beacon LED Solar Tower - Lind Equipment takes solar-powered lighting to new heights with the Beacon LED Solar Light Tower. Equipped with four 150W high-efficiency LED lights, adapted from the award-winning Beacon LED Tower, this solar-powered solution operates seamlessly year-round, with no labor, maintenance, or fuel inputs required.