Chicago Pneumatic Updates CPG 250 and CPG 330 Generators

Chicago Pneumatic updates two generators with a higher efficiency engine - a John Deere 9-liter, 6-cylinder Tier 4 Final diesel engine.

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Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique (CP) has updated the CPG 250 and CPG 330 generators in its lineup to include a more powerful John Deere 6090 engine. These machines were built with overall product quality, ease of serviceability, user friendliness and economical operation in mind.

These versatile units can be utilized in several applications including construction, the oil field and special events. They carry over the same characteristics of the CPG line.

The CPG models are now equipped with a John Deere 9-liter, 6-cylinder Tier 4 Final diesel engine. The CPG 250, which has a rated prime power of 250 kVA/200 kW operates at 290 hp. With a rated prime power of 330 kVA/264 kW, the CPG 330 runs at 390 hp.

An AREP alternator excitation system allows for an outstanding starting capability, even on the toughest jobsites. This provides startup power with 300% overcurrent starting capabilities coupled to the engine’s capacity to stand a 100% load step. 

Built with powder coated steel, the CPG units are corrosion resistant and offer a unique foam and layering system inside the doors. This keeps water out and improves sound attenuation at 73 dB(A). The CPG 250 and CPG 330 are environmentally sensitive with 110% fluid containment.

The generators allow flexibility for the operator by matching the machine to the correct applications. This includes two different configurations: the standard dual axle trailer or an optional skid mounted unit with forklift pockets.

An internal 385-gallon fuel tank runs for 34 hours at 75% load on the CPG 250 and 26 hours at 75% load on the CPG 330. The fuel tank provides safe diesel storage while eliminating tank corrosion contaminants from being introduced to the fuel system.

With integrated fuel water separator and filter, the system is designed to help maintain cleanliness and provide diesel supply to the engine for reliable trouble-free operation.

Large access doors and panels make the two generators service friendly. Additionally, heavy duty oil, air and fuel filters extend the maintenance interval to 500 hours, reducing the total cost of ownership.

To increase safety measures, both of these units were manufactured with an emergency stop. Additionally, a remote signal start and stop allows connection as a critical backup unit via a two-wire dry contact connection in the distribution panel.

A DeepSea 7310 controller is fully diagnostic with its three-inch display. It is intuitive and easy to operate with all functions conveniently at the operator’s fingertips.

An optional paralleling controller includes a unique touch screen display and can link up to 32 generators of any size, working in Power Management Mode.

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