[VIDEO] Cummins Unveils 12kW Mobile Power Generator

Cummins C12D6RE (12kW) mobile generator set is a Tier 4 Final model designed for the end use customer.

The Cummins C12D6RE mobile generator takes proven core concepts from the Cummins RV group and incorporates them into this model for the North American rental market.

Some features of the C12D6RE include:

  • Kubota D1503 diesel engine
  • Built-in self diagnosis system
  • 24-hour fuel tank
  • 1,200-lb. weight

The new mobile generator model can operate reliably across extreme temperatures, heavy airborne dust and highly humid conditions. The generator’s enclosure incorporates a weatherproof sound attenuation able to withstand extreme weather, while minimizing the generator’s noise levels at the same time. The unique sound-controlled housing covering the cooling system and muffler on the 12kW model further simplifies the installation process.