Atlas Copco Ranks for Innovation, Sustainabilty and Environmental Responsibility

Company recognized by Forbes, Dow Jones and Newsweek for second straight year

Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco has once again fared well in several prestigious rankings of the world’s largest manufacturers. The company earned its highest marks in the areas of innovation, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Forbes included Atlas Copco in its list of the world’s most innovative companies, Dow Jones selected Atlas Copco for its 2012/2013 sustainability index, and Newsweek chose the company for its Green Ranking of global companies. Atlas Copco had also placed in all three lists last year.

Forbes selects companies for the list by an “innovation premium” based on a company’s market capitalization compared to anticipated cash flows from the company. This premium shows which companies investors expect to generate good returns through future innovations.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index lists the world’s leading sustainability-driven companies. Membership in this index is based on an annual assessment and comparison between industry peers. The assessment focuses on management of opportunities and risks derived from economic, environmental and social developments. Aspects such as corporate governance and strategy are taken into account as well as key performance indicators such as emissions and waste.

Newsweeks’s Green Rankings evaluates the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the world. Leading environmental research providers, Trucost and Sustainalytics, collaborated with Newsweek to assess each company. The companies are evaluated on environmental footprints, management policies and programs, initiatives, controversy and reporting practices.