New RER 100 Totals Highest Rental Volume in Listing’s History

Total 2012 rental volume for the 100 largest rental firms in the US rose 15.7% to nearly $14 billion

Rental Equipment Register's RER 100 measured total 2012 rental volume of the 100 largest rental companies in the U.S., showing they are up 15.7 percent from 2011 at just under $14 billion, the highest total in the history of the listing.

Topping the list for the 15thconsecutive time is United Rentals. United Rentals’ $3.9 billion revenue totals are pro-forma, including RSC Equipment Rentals’ number before United’s acquisition of RSC was finalized at the end of April 2012.

Although there were a few exceptions, the vast majority of the companies on the RER 100 increased rental volume in 2012, with the average increase close to 16 percent.

The top 10 companies on the list totaled $8.9 billion in rental volume, the third-highest Top-10 total in the listing’s history. The No. 100-ranked rental company posted $10.6 million in rental volume, while No. 100 in last year’s listing posted $8.7 million.

The RER 100 appears in RER’s May issue, and can be viewed at