Point-of-Rental Management Software Incorporates Rouse Benchmarking Data

Comparisons with regional competitors' rental rates, utilization, fleet age, and revenue-per-day metrics directly through management software

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Rouse Asset Services' Rental Metrics Benchmark Service is now available with Point-of-Rental Systems' Enterprise.NET rental-management software. 

Rouse provides rental companies with a detailed analysis of their position in the rental market compared to their peers. Analyzing company data, they deliver monthly comparisons of key performance metrics, which enable rental companies to make better-informed, more-competitive business decisions. Rouse rental benchmarks include rental rates, physical utilization, dollar utilization, fleet age, and revenue-per-day metrics. The service also reports on rental rate change over time and revenue distribution (i.e., the percentage of revenue derived from monthly, weekly and daily rentals, and ancillary fees). These metrics are reported for the total company, and compared against the regional competition for over 50 major categories and almost 400 types of equipment. 

While some of these metrics have been within the Point-of-Rental software for years, and others are similar to what Point-of-Rental provides, comparing numbers to other rental companies in a store’s region is an additional advantage Rouse offers. To satisfy any Point-of-Rental customers that may want all the metrics and marketplace comparisons available through Rouse’s Rental Metrics Benchmark Service, Point-of-Rental has created an optional module which integrates with Rouse Analytics. Rouse reports all metrics in accordance with ARA guidelines.

Rouse provides a significant number of complimentary reports and others at varying fees. For more information on their subscription programs, contact phil.mause@rouseservices.com. You can also find additional information on their website at www.rouseanalytics.com.